Reasonable liberals join conservatives in the condemnation of China for arresting Christians who choose to express their religious beliefs on Easter.  The same folks then turn their heads and cry out, “Take the words In God We Trust off our currency because they no longer have relevance”, and “Get religion out of our schools”, and “It’s not Christmas break, it is winter break”.

The U.S. President appoints Czars who build bureaucracies and write and enforce “regulations” outside of the powers granted by the Constitution and the balance built into our system by the three branches of government.  To pay for the increased government, he wants to take the earnings of the wealthy and financial middle class in bits and pieces until everyone is dependent on Washington D.C. for subsistence.

China calls their figure head “President”, we call ours “President”.   China has dynasties.  We have ACORN, SEIU, AFL/CIO, et al …  How far can we be from one party authoritarian rule?


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