Liberals are so willing to call for redistribution of money from those who have to those who have less; from those who have worked and earned to those who want but are unwilling to achieve.  However, when the principle is adjusted to include their own, their personal excesses in the redistribution plan, it seems to be a complete other story.  It’s okay to take from them and give to me but don’t ask me to give to those who have less than me.

Liberals are so funny.  Kill a baby, but not a baby killer.  Save the flora, except in the Southern desert where illegal aliens trample and destroy it.  Redistribute the wealth, but not my wealth. Government managed health care for all, except for me.  I want to keep the plan I have now.  There just seems to be a gap in the way a liberal processes direct information.

Enjoy this video from and try to make up your own excuse.


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