It’s common knowledge that Cass Sunstein will do anything; create any situation in order to help Obama with both his plans and his poll ratings.  His wife, Samantha Power, has made it clear that she believes war is an acceptable way to accomplish political objectives.  We know that if anyone interferes with or dismisses any idea or policy of this administration or disrespects in any way the President or First Lady that they will forever be tagged racist and targeted.

Given what we know, can you think of a better time for this administration to cause an international news making incident?  Who got more media coverage over the past week, Obama or William and Kate?  Once again, who was intentionally left off the guest list for the royal wedding?

Do you think this was the only time to take down the #1 most sought enemy or just the most politically convenient time?

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One Response to “DO YOU THINK…?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I didn’t know that.


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