If you don’t care about the freedoms that have made this country the best and most enviable in the world, that’s fine with me.  Just don’t ask me to relinquish my rights and freedoms so that you are, or can become, more equal.   Dragging me down to your level does not elevate you.

If you think guns are dangerous, fine!  Don’t own guns.  Don’t take away my right and freedom to own one, or many.  If you believe that gays, blacks, women, Muslims, Jews, pedophiles, burglars or whatever minority groups have been persecuted in the past, and therefore are owed reparations, in any form, fine.  You make the reparations.  I didn’t persecute any of them so don’t take my job away and give it to one of them.  Don’t take away the earnings from my job and give it to them either just because they say, and you believe, the subset to which they are claiming membership makes them more “deserving”.  Own your own guilt and act upon it accordingly.

If you are handicapped and require special access to conduct normal business, I can understand and sympathize with your needs.  However, I would not even want to do business with, or give my money to, an independent business who’s owner doesn’t care enough about me to accommodate my needs by making his/her business accessible?  Is there not another similar business that would accommodate you, welcome you…perhaps even give you a discount?  Just because you can, doesn’t make it right to sue someone who is trying to earn a living.

Just because you chose to ingest or inject pharmaceuticals or known narcotics doesn’t mean I should support your “disability” with dollars extracted from my earnings.  Your addiction also doesn’t give you the “right” to break into my house and steal my possessions to support your habit.

Likewise, if you run down a pedestrian while driving under the influence of anything you shouldn’t expect or be given special sentencing by the courts for your mayhem.  You are the one who made two choices, (1) chemically alter your thought processes and abilities and (2) operate a motor vehicle.  Yes, the first choice may have influenced the second, but you made the first choice, even if it was last week or six years ago and you have been addicted to and ingesting or injecting it since.

Let us no longer be controlled and governed by the mad men of society: the minorities, the special interests the want-to-be special or different and equal or superior because of that difference.  Hate crimes over-protect certain people or groups of people.  If you are demanding special attention and privileges because you are an idiot, perhaps that’s why contempt surrounds you.

The founders of this country wanted freedom for anyone desiring to comport themselves with the pride and dignity that freedom affords, severally and collectively and equally.  Minorities, taking the opportunity to eliminate rights because those rights do not suit them is akin to termites eating away at a house or other strong structure; soon it will become weak and begin to crumble.

Please don’t take my freedom; it will only hurt you in the end.


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