Postal Service proposes cutting 120,000 jobs, pulling out of health-care plan

By , Published: August 11

SEATTLE — The financially strapped U.S. Postal Service is proposing to cut its workforce by 20 percent and to withdraw from the federal health and retirement plans because it believes it could provide benefits at a lower cost.

At least one pseudo-government agency gets it!  After floundering for years they’ve realized that they can’t continue raising rates and to do a mediocre job; that imperial benefits on top of inflated wages created an over-priced service with diminished value used by fewer and fewer people.  The Postmaster General has concluded that Obamacare will do them under for sure and they simply cannot continue spending more than they take in expecting greater subsidies from the American taxpayer to cover the difference. 

Because they cannot outsource their service to a third world country to remain viable, the U.S. Postal Service is forced to make some major cutbacks.   Hmmm, can you say “unions”?

Will the President and his administration get the picture, or did they create it?  Is this just another benchmark in their plan to destroy the nation?

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