Theft or chaos?

Over the past six months or so, I have noticed an increase in stories about theft of items, primarily metal, with salvage value.  That is almost understandable given the state of the economy and so many people doing whatever it takes to eek subsistence.

Recently those stories have turned to such things as storm drain grates, manhole covers, sidewalk trash can holders, etc.  These items are heavy, bulky and have very little salvage value so the question becomes, “Why are these items being removed from their proper placements”.

One theory might be that the thefts are simply a part of a greater plan.  That plan might be the creation of chaos and the downfall of government, aka anarchy.  In order to effect “fundamental transformation” of this country, there must first be a need, a reason for that transformation to be accepted.  Anarchy creates chaos and chaos drives anarchy.  Disruption, disorganization and crises are overcome through new laws, regulations and restrictions on personal freedoms; the first steps to complete societal control and subservience to the D.C. elite.

The President and his administration seem to be following this plan of chaos and crisis, perhaps as some suspect even organizing and fueling it   Tremendous spending to produce little to no benefit adds to the frenzy.  He has shut down the petroleum industry in the Gulf of Mexico, turning hundreds of thousands of people to the government for survival sustenance.  His recently empowered EPA and regulatory Czars have enacted or proposed over 4,500 new business restricting fees and reporting requirements affecting businesses large and small.  They are designed for no purpose other than to give greater governmental control over us.

The current administration appears to seek chaos and anger amongst the citizens with an end goal of rioting, controlled only by force and pain to prove their power and worthiness.


Trash can holders

Sewer / man hole covers

Electrical wiring

Air conditioners

Storm drain grates

Brass plaques from monuments

Fruits and vegetables – Oranges, Avocados, tomatoes, grapes, bees

Medical supplies and equipment from ambulances and emergency rooms

Bronze vases from cemeteries

Copper wire and air conditioning coils from Gilda’s Club, a cancer support center.

Tires and rims from cars parked in commuter lots.

Catalytic converters from cars

Copper grounding plates from cell towers

Flash mobs, organized more for intimidation of store clerks than the merchandise stolen, are receiving encouragement from anarchists.  Some are participating unwittingly for the sheer excitement of the moment.   They are duped to perform a purpose they don’t even comprehend.

Reportedly, the identity cloaked organizers are friends and/or associates of the President.  Many say with certainty that he knows them well and may even be spearheading the movement.  If this is true, it lends well to the overall picture presented by this administration, one of power, control and subservience.  The path of reigning terror, the questioning of personal safety combined with expanding regulatory control over individuals and confiscation of our personal defense weaponry leads only to tyranny.

Are you ready for the promised change?


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5 Responses to “PROMISED CHANGE”

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