When I showed my disgust for the bailouts of the American automobile companies because I thought they should have the opportunity to restructure for profitability, I was told I was a racist by those on the left because Obama is half black.

When I questioned why the unions got all their benefits restored and the leaders received hefty bonuses before the private investors (the engine of the economy) received an equitable portion of their investments, my friends on the left called me a racist because the man in charge, President Barack Obama, is half black.

When I verbally protested the bailouts of the largest financial companies I was called a racist because Obama is half black.  When the “C” level officers got multi-million dollar bonuses from my tax dollars, again I was a racist because the man who chose to unquestionably forward those dollars was a half black man.

Along with everybody else who remonstrated displeasure with the , you guessed it…racist.

Now I’m apparently a racist because I’m rooting for Herman Cain, a black man, to win the Republican presidential nomination and the White House.  Other than the fact that Cain also has a black heritage, he is the polar opposite of Barack Obama.  But then again, some on the left also call Herman Cain a racist because he doesn’t follow their herd mentality.

Is there anything a right thinking individual can do, say or be that does not provoke name calling by those on the left?  It seems that every time they have no argument they begin slandering.  Call me racist, but even though he needs a bit of political refinement over the next 12 months, Herman Cain is my choice at this point.

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