There was no massacre at Fort Hood.  What took place on November 9, 2009 was simply “workplace violence” as deemed by the administration in Washington D.C.  It could have been a co-worker punching another in the arm.  The 13 dead and 29 wounded are guilty of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  They simply shouldn’t have been in the presence of an identified Jihadist who could not be relieved of his commission because of his Muslim heritage.

A child with head down, speaking softly to him or herself or humming a gospel tune during lunch or recess receives a three day suspension for praying on school grounds.  A note is archived in their permanent record for reference in case of any future disruptions.

A manager brings his secretary flowers and mentions her hair color is very becoming.  She complains of sexual harassment and receives a five figure settlement while the boss spends ten hours attending unpaid sensitivity training.

You can buy a health insurance policy that will cover Viagra, condoms or abortion but will not cover a needed knee replacement or carpal tunnel syndrome.

A parent or guardian must sign a comprehensive liability release so that a male child can have a complete health exam prior to try-outs for the soccer or football team.  No such requirement, or even mandated parental notification, is necessary for a school to send a 12-year-old girl to a doctor for an abortion.

A belligerent activist who is removed from a town hall meeting for his disruptive action files a seven figure lawsuit naming the police, city, private venue owners, host and presenter for racism because his ethnic background is not represented in the event.

Houses of worship acquiesce to the removal of nativity scenes because they present a view different from, and unwelcome by, the two local atheists.

A disabled war hero loses a lawsuit for displaying a flag in front of his home on Memorial Day.  The exposition is considered overly patriotic and offensive to people not born in this country.

Men and women who “believe themselves” to be of a sexual orientation other than their apparent gender may use the toilet facilities of their choosing at public events, libraries, parks and other municipal buildings.

Black Panthers can intimidate voters at the polling booth by displaying “nightstick” clubs in a threatening manner without repercussion but handing out political flyers down the block will net the perpetrator a day in jail and fine.

Burning a Bible is acceptable, but accidentally dropping a Koran is disrespectful and warrants severe punishment.  The ACLU will fight, and often win, cases of religious persecution tried by liberal judges.

Bankers, brokers, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac threaten bankruptcy and receive billions of dollars by obligating productive workers and their families to multi-generational debt.  Meanwhile the “C” level executives of those companies and organizations take home multi-million dollar bonuses for doing a stellar job of leading.

Congress makes laws for the citizens from which they exempt themselves during and after their elected service.  Insider trading, health care, tax exemptions, reimbursable expenses and retirement are just a few of the myriad exclusions.

Can I be the only one who sees this once great nation overwhelmingly and rapidly becoming the world of BIZARRO?

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