All Is Great in the United States, Re-elect President Obama

We keep hearing via the MSM arm of the administration how well Spending Package I and II have done for the economy.  Of late, the spin has been that unemployment is dropping, though there are no hard figures of where the creation of jobs provides a net gain over layoffs.  Retail sales are up, but they’re flat.  Manufacturing is up, yet our trade deficit exceeds the accretion.

Because of the overwhelming liberal bias of major information sources, most people only hear or read one side of most stories.  Headlines like “Home Sales on the Rise” overshadow those reading “Foreclosures Increase by 20%”.  We are being fed all that the government wants us to hear while counter arguments are suppressed.  Banners of “Eat All the Vegetables You Want, They’re Good for You” obscure “EPA Regulations Cause Farm Prices to Soar”.

“Defense Spending to be Cut by $500 Billion” avoids the level playing field effect of the administration.  American superiority on the battle field is cause for another apology tour.  Besides, the savings can be sent to the Muslim Brotherhood for greater equality.

Some times, we are presented with only half of the headline or half of the full article.  “President Obama Asks Congress For Another $1.2 Trillion” should be completed with “For More Busses Under Which American Citizens Can Be Thrown”.

The stated reason for combining the Commerce Department’s core business and trade functions; the Small Business Administration; the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative; the Export-Import Bank; the Overseas Private Investment Corporation; and the Trade and Development Agency is to help businesses thrive.  The true intent for the consolidation seems not to increase efficiency, but to maximize the collective authority these agencies hold over domestic business.

Read the headlines, read the story then ask who wrote it and how he or she is trying to influence you.  Re-elect Barack Obama, I don’t think so.

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