Back in 2007, Warren Buffett stated that he didn’t think it was right that he should pay a lower tax rate than his secretary.  Chided that he could always pay more to the government to relieve his guilt, Buffett offered Republicans the opportunity to do just that and he would make a matching contribution.

Well kids that day has come to pass but the all-bark Buffett has denied that the definition of “is” is is.  When Republican Congressman Scott Rigell made a contribution equal to 15% of his income to the government, he expected Mr. Buffett to follow through with a proportional match.  Buffett, however, matched the dollar amount, not the income percentage.

Rigell’s offering was +/- 15% of his congressional salary for the year 2011 and has pledged to do the same for 2012.  Buffett, veering from his 2007 statement regarding the inequality of payment rate between him and his secretary, chose to match Rigell’s dollar amounts ($23,000 for 2011 and $26,000 for 2012) not the percentage.

Honest contributions to pay down the national debt amount to:  Rigell, +/- 15% of annual income and Buffett, +/- 0.0005% of annual income.  Buffett’s the one with the mouth, but when it came time to put up, he squirreled up.

Isn’t this ’bout typical of the most vocal?  Well, except for Obama who said right up front that he was going to fundamentally change America.  In just 3 years he has changed us from a struggling but working nation with a viable middle class into one of rich elite and poor, with no hope for the middle class.

Thank you Congressman Rigell for showing us, once again, the true colors of the liberal progressive elite.


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