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February 29, 2012

After collating and forwarding thousands of pages of information to the IRS in compliance of their demands, conservative groups are given as little as fifteen days to respond with further requests for more documentation.  Financial statements, donor lists, officers and members, text of speeches and other information not commonly required from prospective Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) are demanded in order to receive tax exempt status.  No such delays; no excessive attestation is reported by black, Hispanic or Muslim, alternative gender organizations or other liberal, progressive groups.  Most of them receive their status within a reasonable three to six months of filing the initial application.

*See a more complete list of unnecessary, unconventional, uncommon and invasive questions required by the IRS of conservative NPO applicants here:

Organizations like the Ohio Liberty Council, Unite in Action and numerous Tea Party organizations have been worked over by the demands of the current Treasury Department regime.  A Kentucky group, loosely associated with Glenn Beck, first filed for tax exempt status in Dec. 2010.  After 14 months, they received a request from the IRS requiring 550 pages of documentation.   They were given 15 days to respond.  Their request is still pending.

The IRS takes up to 18 months before requesting more documentation that must be forwarded to them within two weeks.  The stalling and excessive documentation requests serve only to delay and deny conservative groups equal footing with liberal and progressive organizations.

What could be the need for donor or member lists?  With what we’ve seen happening repeatedly and consistently since Jan. 20, 2009, it can only be to target those individuals.  CEOs continue to be dismissed under pressure from the White House for their voting records and campaign contributions, not their management capability.  Many auto dealerships were closed for the same reason.  “Green” companies on the verge of bankruptcy, however, are awarded hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars only to see the bosses receive huge bonuses before filing documentation of insolvency.

Interviews with organizations in favor of gun control, affirmative action, abortion rights and centralized health care backing the ideals of this administration indicate relative ease and simplicity with the process resulting in speedy ascension to tax exempt status.

Why is this depraved political castigation happening?  This process, as so many proffered by this administration, seems bent on causing undue frustration and anger among people requesting that the government be responsibly held to the Constitution of the United States of America.  It is as if this administration is attempting to spur a violent uprising within the ranks of the citizens so that the power elite can beat us down as is happening East of our shores.  It is just another step in the unending attempt for complete central oversight and control of every aspect our lives.  It is definitely an unwarranted and abusive assault on the free rights of citizens to voice collective opinions not concomitant with the power structure.


February 28, 2012

Obama to cut healthcare benefits for active duty and retired US military

The Obama administration’s proposed defense budget calls for military families and retirees to pay sharply more for their healthcare, while leaving unionized civilian defense workers’ benefits untouched. The proposal is causing a major rift within the Pentagon, according to U.S. officials. Several congressional aides suggested the move is designed to increase the enrollment in Obamacare’s state-run insurance exchanges.

This was a lead story this morning.  Obummer is definitely out to ruin this country and disrespect the job our troops do protecting the country. 

Government employees, elected, appointed and hired are all overpaid while our military (those who actually serve the country) and their families are often destitute.  And he wants them to pay more for injuries and maladies incurred while offering their lives in defense of freedom?  He wants to take away their “entitlements”?  These benefits are bought and paid for with an offer of sacrifice, they are not gimme-gimmes!

He already tried to make veterans financially responsible for their VA care.  Then tried to shove off the costs of battlefield injuries to their private insurance companies.

Let’s get rid of this insanity A.S.A.P.  Clean house, and Senate, and White House in November.  It wouldn’t hurt to also look at a few U.S. Constitution trashing activist judges also. 

Let’s start restoring America.  The “fundamental change” (blacks against whites, poor against rich, government against the people) is making us into a third world dictatorship.


February 27, 2012

I guess the economic brainiacs in the Obama administration just don’t pay attention to the financial issues of the world.  Perhaps they do, more so than any of us realize.  Remember Timothy Geithner the Secretary of the Treasury who claimed there was an error in the program he used to compute his own taxes.  The error would have saved him some $40,000+ over a period of four years if the American public hadn’t strongly questioned his appointment.  He won the position of Chief Tax Man for the United States just the same.

England is having some problems collecting income tax payments since they raised the personal income tax.  It seems there was a revenue drop of about $509 million pounds for the month of January as compared to one year ago.  Wealthy Britons found the loopholes in their system, posted and stored cash offshore, etc.

We know personal income taxes in New York have caused the wealthy tax payers to head for Florida and Nevada where there is no income tax.  Again, tax revenue in New York is not growing though the burden on the wealthy is high.

We have seen companies dodge the tax laws of this country by sending manufacturing and production and many jobs over seas to developing nations not yet burdened by excessive and unnecessary government overspending.

Therefore, with this information at hand, President Obama’s latest budget proposal includes taking the dividend rate to 39.6% from the current 15%.  Surely, this will encourage greater investment in struggling companies causing them to employ more American workers on American soil.

“Let me say that unemployment insurance… is one of the biggest stimuluses (sic) to our economy”.  Nancy Pelosi 7-7-10

“It is the biggest bang for the buck when you do food stamps and unemployment insurance.  The biggest bang for the buck.”  Nancy Pelosi 8-22-11

And, most recently:

People who receive that unemployment check go out and spend it and help stimulate the economy.”   Valerie Jarrett 2-21-12

Logical expansions of these statements might be that “Keeping people servient and Welfare dependent also grows the economy”, or “Living in a box saves trees through recycling and keeps the cardboard industry healthy”.  What idiots!

Over and over again market driven free enterprise along with reasonable government spending and taxation proves to work for the prosperity of all.  The people we have put in charge, however, continue to deny the facts and drive the country deeper into debt and individuals to greater dependency.

Please, inform yourself and vote wisely!


February 11, 2012

The White House is expected to announce as early as Friday a plan to accommodate religious organizations that are opposed to a new policy requiring them to offer contraceptive coverage to employees. 

A senior adviser to President Obama confirmed to Fox News that there will be an “accommodation” — but advisers said the announcement does not represent a “compromise.”

Obama is real big on demanding that the Republicans in Congress compromise their principles and disregard the U.S. Constitution to pass hideous legislation.  He calls our Senators and Representatives, of both political parties, names for voting their consciences, adhering to their morals, or even the desires of We the People.

These few short sentences, as reported, say just about all that is needed about Obama.  He is “uncompromising”…no matter how obviously wrong he is in any situation.

However, he is “accommodating”, so you can feel good when you re-elect him.


February 9, 2012

One of my all time favorite novels is George Orwell’s book “1984”.  It had been over forty years since my first encounter with Big Brother and the madness presented, so I recently decided to refresh my memory with a revisit to the story.  For anyone who hasn’t read the book, I implore you to do so soon.  There are too many parallels between the fiction written in 1948 and the events of today to allow continued ignorance.  There are too many advances in technology and far more freedoms lost that could not have been foreseen over sixty years ago which serve only to enhance what was then written as fiction.  Even Orwell couldn’t have imagined the Big Brother of today.

Drones in the sky hovering over the citizens; reporting unnatural activities to the institution.  The Department of Homeland Security urges individual citizens to report any “suspicious” activity or conduct by family members, friends and strangers.  Once the report is filed, it is indelibly and unalterably recorded for any future reference.  Citizens are added to no-fly lists and some are surveilled for weeks due to a single, unfounded, anonymous entry by a disgruntled individual.

Bodies must be displayed in virtual nakedness for federal agents before boarding commercial transportation.  Refusal is succeeded by personal touching, grasping and groping by low level but loyal government employees.  Refusal of this physical assault can lead to lengthy detentions and offensive questioning.

Devices integrated into automobiles and personal communication devices allow access to an individual’s global positioning at any time.  Radio frequency emitting tags installed in product packaging help marketers and authorities identify where an item was taken after leaving a merchant’s realm.

Falsification of history, altering of evidence and destruction of factual matter as presented in the novel over six decades ago is taking place in our public school system today.  2+2 is 5 if the teacher says it is and there is no disputing the fact.  Socialism is the only way for people to have an equal opportunity and free enterprise only benefits the rich.  Children are socially engineered to chant complimentary messages about some politicians and disregard the works and advances of others.

Repeated presentation of altered images until they become real and phrases iterated and embellished until fiction becomes truth is the way of our news media.  Broadcasting lies and distortive propaganda into every home TV and computer as news has become accepted and is treated as honest journalism.

Cameras now exist in virtually every store and on street corners with images sent to regional or central processing centers.  Facial recognition software analyzes, compares and files nuances of a person’s physical characteristics in a central data storage unit for current or future purposes.  Matches are made with information garnered from other sources and entries are logged to compile extended profiles.

Fusion centers gather and classify information about ordinary citizens under the name and direction of Homeland Security.  Originally authorized and funded under the Patriot Act to coordinate information about potential terrorists between various law enforcement agencies, they have become stations of fear and harassment.

Laws, such as the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2012, are written so ambiguously that any application is indisputable.  NDAA allows for the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens who are “suspected” of committing or planning a terrorist or subversive act.  This can easily be stretched to mean that speaking out against a government official or government entity is hostile and warrants such detention.

FEMA camps, a product of the Patriot Act and funded under DHS, have been set up in various locations throughout the country.  Some of the camps are converted military bases and others are built anew.  Rep. Alcee Hastings,  (D-FL)  authored House Bill (HR 645) — National Emergency Centers Establishment Act.  With what is rumored to be more than 800 locations, some housing up to 20,000 people, there is little concrete language for the specific or limited use of the government-run facilities.  Areas of many of the “camps” are set up to accommodate families, others appear to be for individual incarceration.  All are secured by guard towers and high fences topped with barbed and concertina wire.

Seemingly few people are aware, or show concern, about the subtle but rapid changes in our lives with the central government taking more control, usurping and eviscerating our constitutional rights and freedoms.

Orwell wrote fiction in 1948 that was still accepted as such in 1984.  If he had only titled his book 2004 or perhaps 2014 he would be considered a prophet akin to Nostradamus.