Washington Post columnist, George Will, is a man with the respect of most conservatives.  While I read his work regularly and agree with his conclusions often, he has recently made statements that scare me.  Despite my regard for his analytic capabilities, I cannot agree with his words in a recent interview with Tim Mak of Politico.

Will espouses that greater attention should be afforded to Republicans regaining majority control of the House and Senate than to the presidential race.  He offers that this move can restrain President Obama.

I have to ask, “Has it worked so far?  Would a “fine-mesh filter” as you describe it work against recess appointments, Executive mandates, fiats, edicts, decrees, orders and privileges?  Can even a diligent, conscientious conservative congress pierce the veil of harboring non-sensitive data and other information under the proclaimed classification of National Security?”

Yes, George, every president has used these to their advantage, but none have abused them to the dictatorial extent of this Alinsky trained subversive.  There is no restraint of Chicago politics other than utter defeat, ouster and annihilation.  As it is, it will be decades to restore the America that once was, with or without its inherent and underlying faults.


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