The lavishly outrageous expenditures made by the General Services Administration (GSA) on a couple or few conferences are commanding attention right now.  Recently, the costs to move an employee from Colorado to Hawaii surfaced.  Little, however, has been disclosed about the relocation of the “Prince”, a GSA real estate official other than the $330,000 taxpayer cost and the fact that he left the agency about a year afterward.  More will filter through the fine screen of government misdirection within the next few weeks if Darrel Issa can cause Jeff Neely, (a career senior executive with the Public Buildings Service who was assigned to organize the conference) to cough up any information about the embezzlement misuse of funds entrusted to his care.

However, while the American public is up in arms about this, what is going on behind the scenes is, if anything, worse.  Once again, it is a case of “Hey, look over there”, and the brownie is missing from your lunch tray.

GSA is an independent bureaucracy of the government.  Congress established the GSA in 1949 as an agency to manage and support the basic functioning of the other federal agencies.  The GSA’s functions include provision of office supplies, transportation, office space and communication for government employees.  Additionally, they are charged with government-wide cost-minimizing policies.  Typical of how government works and grows, we have a mismanaged government management agency to oversee the mismanagement of the other government agencies.  The only oversight for the overseer is an often blind and clueless, care-for-naught Congress.

Since the story broke, the Inspector General, Brian Miller, promised to look deep into the policies and procedures of the agency.   Where was the IG prior to the YouTube explosion showing off how partying federal workers are abusing their positions and waxing the taxpayers?  There didn’t seem to be any concern before the idiots caused the self-exposure by calling the rest of us fools on the Internet.

Darrel Issa is unquestionably one of the few representatives from my home state for whom I have respect.  He is strong in his questioning of government wrongdoing without concern for the offender’s political affiliation.  However, he and his Government Reform Committee simply cannot adequately investigate even a tiny portion of abuse presented by the current administration.  Trying to extract a modicum of truth from the equivocating Eric Holder, any of the Fast and Furious gang or any of the GSA senior officials is reason to limit government employees’ use of their Fifth Amendment rights.

The Inspector General doesn’t seem to be concerned about government abuse and the agencies themselves don’t care about fiscal accountability.  Keep in mind, GSA is the current government funded bureaucratic agency in the spotlight.  What is going on with the rest of the tax payer funded, unrestrained alphabet agencies: HUD, FBI, CIA, TSA, NSA, NPR, PBS, MSNBC…?  Starting to see why the national debt is so out of control?  Each bureaucratic agency has a lot of waste.  They waste money then ask congress to appropriate more the next fiscal year so that there is more to waste with some left over to use for the intended purpose.

Again I state, I’m not defining all government abuse as the product of this administration because it has been going on for decades, by both parties and various administrations.  As the years go, it just gets worse.  Let’s quit blaming others of the past and take control of the situation rather than exacerbating it.  Instead of manipulating the job numbers by dropping discouraged workers from the data and hiring people into citizen funded positions, acknowledge the problem and correct it.  Why don’t we cut the size and scope of government until it is manageable and accountable?  Why don’t “We the People” regain control of our representatives?

As with most tax appropriators, our president and congress want, instead, to grow government making it easier to hide fraud and abuse.  The result of which is a need for more tax revenue – throttling development of the economy and individual prosperity – taking away the opportunities offered by our Constitution.


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