Obama has taken credit for the demise of Osama Bin Laden.  Of course, any President is the final authority for all good and bad, but the way he and his team are treating this act you’d think that Obama himself single-handedly took out Bin Laden with a dull and bent P-38.  The nightly liars and pens for the bird cage liners, of course, only help advance the myth.

Vice President Joe Biden, referring to President Barack Obama’s decision to kill Osama bin Laden said, “You can go back 500 years.  You cannot find a more audacious plan”.

First, we must understand that the decision was not Obama’s!  In conjunction with the CIA and informants, the team commander identified the long sought target.  The SEAL team planned the mission and were anxiously ready to complete it long before anybody in Washington D.C was informed.  Only because Bin Laden was such a high value target did the operation get the attention of the president.

Second, Obama vacillated for over 16 hours before committing his political image and allowing the Navy SEALS to do the job for which they so vigorously train.  This is a man who has to assemble a five member support group each morning to help him decide whether to tie his shoes right-over-left or left-over-right.  As State Senator in Illinois, he voted present over 130 times because he didn’t want to be publicly viewed as taking a  pro or con stand.

Third, the U.S. Navy SEALS perform high-impact covert missions around the globe on a regular basis.  Taking out Osama Bin Laden was little more than a regular work day for this team.  This is what they do!  The operation should not be a campaign credit for the president.  This was just one of thousands of missions carried out since the formation of the SEALS starting with Team 1 in 1962.  Most get no attention due to the extreme sensitivity of the operations.

Obama has demeaned and divided the American people.  He causes blacks to blame and hate whites for their troubles because of skin color.  He pits the have-less and have-naughts against achievers.  He goads youth to blame elderly for their respective statures hoping that the young will not have awareness that they, too, will age.  He has destroyed this country in less than four years and he is seeking anything positive to mask that fact so he can be re-elected and effect the complete demise of our nation.  His goal is to eliminate our sovereignty in favor of rule by a global governing system.

He can’t bellow the virtues of his Stimulus Plan because it didn’t stimulate anything other than DNC and Obama campaign donors.

Wall Street bailout – Helped the “C” level bosses (the reviled 1 %) retain their bonuses for failing their companies and their investors.

Mortgage bailout – Helped the “C” level bosses (1%) of both banks and pseudo-government agencies retain their bonuses.  More former homeowners are living in their cars or in shelters now than ever before.

Auto bailouts – Helped the UAW bosses (1%) retain their bonuses while American taxpayers bought the medical and retirement benefits for the union workers before GM and Chrysler declared bankruptcy.

Green energy companies receiving grants and tax-payer backed loans have a greater failure rate than success.  Billions of dollars have been wasted on solar companies, green auto development, battery research, wind farms etc. with virtually no repayment or beneficial return other than campaign donations.

Obama can’t tout the benefits of Cash-for-Clunkers because it did nothing other than boost the two-month auto sales figures which then crashed for the following six months.  The program cost non-purchasing tax-payers approximately $24,000 per unit sold.

Health care reform – doctors are concerned that it will take twice as long to pay for their education because of government capped fees and services.  Seniors are justly scared of the ramifications and younger people are beginning to see and fear their heath care future.

Employment – even by manipulating the figures presented, there are fewer people working and more on Welfare than ever before.  Among those who are still working, or working once again, many are only working part-time because employers can avoid paying health insurance which is rising and will skyrocket after 2014.

While raving about how he eliminated the threat of Bin Laden, Obama continues to blame every one of the country’s ills on the virus known as George W. Bush.  That virus is not covered under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

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