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May 18, 2012

The following excerpt from an article by Dan Springer illustrates why we, as a nation, and the rest of the socialist world are on the brink of collapse.

Immigration issues at center of labor shortage for Washington State farmers

Asparagus growers in eastern Washington State are scrambling to find enough workers to cash in on their crop’s rising popularity without much success. “We have a labor shortage, pure and simple,” says Dan Fazio of the Washington Farm Labor Association.

Farmers are being forced to leave 10 percent of this year’s crop uncut, which is costing them, according to the state’s asparagus commissioner, a combined $200,000 a day. But one place growers are not looking for labor is the unemployment office — even though the jobless rate in Franklin County, where most of the asparagus is grown, is 10.7 percent.

Washington has among the country’s most generous unemployment benefits.  Out-of-work people can receive up to $583 a week for 73 weeks. It’s an amount that covers, on average, 42.3 percent of the person’s weekly wage when employed. “The state has created a disincentive to work,” says Erin Shannon of the Washington Policy Center, “with our generous benefits, with the weekly maximum and the duration of benefits.”

No problem Washington farmers,  our give-away government is here to help!  We’ll just open the borders to more illegal immigrant labor that will ultimately be more costly to the state and the nation, but you’ll get your asparagus picked.

Hey Iowa, how’s the corn crop doing?  Mississippi, need help with your cotton?



May 11, 2012

I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help myself when I read that 22 percent of California’s eighth-graders tested on a national science test passed, ranking the Golden State 47th in the nation.

The state’s public educated students did, however, receive the highest (98.72%) score on gender identity and transgender mobility.

Students, both male and female, showed inordinate skill and ability opening and applying school provided condoms on fellow classmates while blindfolded.

They received ranked #2 in tree hugging.

Math and English were in the bottom 2 percentile for the 48 continental states (that would be 56 according to our current President).

Selected study groups collaborated for up to ten minutes over a map of the United States before identifying what they believed to be the state of Utah.

They also made it into the top 10 with ecological and environmental awareness, tempered only by their love of cigarettes.

Intolerance for any views other than their own won them a rating of super-liberal.

Awareness of what their life will be under a global socialist government and Sharia law ranked at the bottom of the barrel.


May 10, 2012

Yesterday, the President came out with a statement that very closely resembled an attempt to reconcile his equivocation with the gay movement.  Maybe he was finally expressing his true beliefs and feelings, but more likely, it one of his ploys to save face in advance knowing that he is going to have a very tough time with re-election.  His hoof-in-mouth number two, Joe Biden, caused the finalization of his four-year “evolution”.

The President certainly can’t run a campaign on the plusses he has brought to the White House or the nation.  Staggering energy costs, massive over-spending, gargantuan debt, un- and underemployment that can only be semi-masked by manipulating the true figures, more people losing their homes than buying them, and theft, angst and anger greater than we have ever seen in this country are not election winning topics.

While he has somewhat successfully pitted poor against rich, blacks and Hispanics against whites, gays against straights and fanatical greens against eco-sensitive moderates, all factions see the country coming apart.  In his attempt to appease everybody he has alienated almost his entire base.

Hang on tight – keep your hands inside the car at all times, we are in for a whiplash inducing campaign from the party of asses.  We can expect a great deal of diminutive, dismissive and belittling response to any person or group displaying any of the facts of failure.  Obama has backed himself into a corner and is in dire need of slight-of-hand for him to save face.  Like the cornered rat that he is, Barry will rabidly attack using words and actions, perhaps employing Eric and the boys and girls of the Justice Department, Janet and her myriad alphabet badge force or Tim and his tax hounds.  The MSM will carry water for the working crew until someone there commits a faux pas and speaks the truth.  Nobody is safe against this administration!