Yesterday, the President came out with a statement that very closely resembled an attempt to reconcile his equivocation with the gay movement.  Maybe he was finally expressing his true beliefs and feelings, but more likely, it one of his ploys to save face in advance knowing that he is going to have a very tough time with re-election.  His hoof-in-mouth number two, Joe Biden, caused the finalization of his four-year “evolution”.

The President certainly can’t run a campaign on the plusses he has brought to the White House or the nation.  Staggering energy costs, massive over-spending, gargantuan debt, un- and underemployment that can only be semi-masked by manipulating the true figures, more people losing their homes than buying them, and theft, angst and anger greater than we have ever seen in this country are not election winning topics.

While he has somewhat successfully pitted poor against rich, blacks and Hispanics against whites, gays against straights and fanatical greens against eco-sensitive moderates, all factions see the country coming apart.  In his attempt to appease everybody he has alienated almost his entire base.

Hang on tight – keep your hands inside the car at all times, we are in for a whiplash inducing campaign from the party of asses.  We can expect a great deal of diminutive, dismissive and belittling response to any person or group displaying any of the facts of failure.  Obama has backed himself into a corner and is in dire need of slight-of-hand for him to save face.  Like the cornered rat that he is, Barry will rabidly attack using words and actions, perhaps employing Eric and the boys and girls of the Justice Department, Janet and her myriad alphabet badge force or Tim and his tax hounds.  The MSM will carry water for the working crew until someone there commits a faux pas and speaks the truth.  Nobody is safe against this administration!


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