The following excerpt from an article by Dan Springer illustrates why we, as a nation, and the rest of the socialist world are on the brink of collapse.

Immigration issues at center of labor shortage for Washington State farmers

Asparagus growers in eastern Washington State are scrambling to find enough workers to cash in on their crop’s rising popularity without much success. “We have a labor shortage, pure and simple,” says Dan Fazio of the Washington Farm Labor Association.

Farmers are being forced to leave 10 percent of this year’s crop uncut, which is costing them, according to the state’s asparagus commissioner, a combined $200,000 a day. But one place growers are not looking for labor is the unemployment office — even though the jobless rate in Franklin County, where most of the asparagus is grown, is 10.7 percent.

Washington has among the country’s most generous unemployment benefits.  Out-of-work people can receive up to $583 a week for 73 weeks. It’s an amount that covers, on average, 42.3 percent of the person’s weekly wage when employed. “The state has created a disincentive to work,” says Erin Shannon of the Washington Policy Center, “with our generous benefits, with the weekly maximum and the duration of benefits.”

No problem Washington farmers,  our give-away government is here to help!  We’ll just open the borders to more illegal immigrant labor that will ultimately be more costly to the state and the nation, but you’ll get your asparagus picked.

Hey Iowa, how’s the corn crop doing?  Mississippi, need help with your cotton?


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