Apparently, even the Democrats have had enough of Obama imperiling national security to bolster his ego and inflame his narcissism.  CA Dem., Dianne Feinstein, chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee expressed concern about the Iran cyber attacks for which Obama has readily taken credit.  She said, (in paraphrase) Bragging by this White House about cyber attacks on Iran is dangerous and will undoubtedly lead to a counter attacks on the United States.

It’s what happened when Bin Laden was “relieved from duty”.  Obama and crew couldn’t wait to give the most detailed description of the operation.  (Much of it was embellishment for effect.)  The end result was that Pakistan, one of many countries with which we share bribe monies now borrowed from China, has turned openly hostile.  Prior to his (Obama’s) braggadocio that almost left out the contribution of the elite U.S. military forces, CIA ground and aerial intel gathering, ground based confidential informants and everybody else who actually did the work leading up to and concluding the mission, Pakistan only quietly denounced the U.S.

With the announcement that Obama had personally turned a loyal doctor into a CIA informant who pointed the finger to Bin Laden, the doctor was captured and sentenced to 33 years in prison.  Thanks Prez, from the family and friends of Dr. Shakil Afridi.

With our Narcissist in Chief, covert military operations are now only secret until completed.  After-mission galas with Hollywood celebrities and billionaire donors to gasconade about how he did it are the only quiet and concealed portions of the credit grabbing press conferences that follow.

The MSM will only acknowledge that Republicans are to blame for casting dispersion upon the President by saying the above is done only to bolster his re-election campaign.  It could be, however, that some alternative news sources want the public to know how our national security is being undermined by our country’s subversive figurehead.  The again, it could be that we’re shouting the truth because we just want the treasonous Marxist out of office.


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