Prostitute: a person who willingly uses his or her position, talent or ability in a base and unworthy way for personal gain, usually for money.

In 2008, the majority of citizens (and others) living in the most densely populated areas of the country voted to elect a relatively unknown orator to the highest office of the United States.  That office, formerly known as the Office of the President, has since taken on a number of cognomens that reflect disrespect for the man elected.  Within weeks of his inauguration, he was known as the “Apologist-in-Chief” for his world tour deprecating the accomplishments of our country from inception to present.

He is probably best known for his reluctance to accept responsibility for the position he sought so desperately.  For every move he has made; for each ill he has created he has pointed the finger to his predecessor as the cause.  Thus he has locked up the name “Whiner-in-Chief”.

Due to the unprecedented increase of entitlement recipients he rates a couple of names.  Extended unemployment benefits to assist those unexpectedly out of work for lengthy periods to complete government dependence scored the titles of “Welfare President” and “Food Stamp President”.

For his oversight of the NSA personal data collection program he has earned the crest of “Personal Information Overlord”.  While virtually all presidents before him have collected and stored information about opponents that could prove politically beneficial, President Obama has taken full advantage of today’s technology to extract and harbor personal information about every citizen and others.  The massive amounts of information gathered by our government today leaves no person with any privacy.  There is no warrant required for the DHS, NSA, CIA, FBI or any alphabet agency or authorized government contractor to pluck and warehouse cybernetic data because there is no “reasonable expectation of privacy” to information electronically communicated.

Small drones hover in the streets and alleys within our cities, peering into apartment windows to gather personal information about our movement within and outside our dwellings.  Larger drones fly higher over agricultural land to count farm animals and acres of wheat or strawberries.  Though the information gleaned can’t specifically be used against us in a court of law, doesn’t mean it can’t be used against us.  Livestock and crops are destined to be taxed on their potential instead of their true value.  Who came to visit or where you went and what you did on Thursday is now a digital record

The many White House Wednesday night concerts with chefs, food and celebrities flown in from across the country and around the globe cause many people of the country who are paying for the extravaganzas to dub Obama the “Entertainment Czar”.

Endangering ally nations, the lives of service personnel and confidential informants for no purpose other than self-aggrandizement unofficially knights him “The World’s Least Trustworthy National Leader” and “Commander in Cheap”.

For his most recent antics, however, I classify him as “Prostitute-in-Chief”.  Shamelessly saying anything to secure a bank of votes with no consideration of follow through is one thing.  (E.g. stating that he personally affirms his support for gay marriage in the waning hours before election.)  However, purposefully bypassing Congress to stomp on and shred the Constitution of the United States of America with spiked boots is beyond condemnation.

With Americans lining up around the block to apply for 6-10 openings at a manufacturing plant, there is only one reason for granting work permits and de facto amnesty to 800,000 working age illegal aliens.  That would be to secure a voting block.  The recent move endears him to the Hispanic population including those now able to take the few available jobs and their friends and relatives in this country as well.  The President is betting they will say thank you with their votes (no I.D. required at the polls).  Mega corporations and small businesses will also save money by hiring the hard working individuals.  Perhaps their campaign bribes helped the decision evolve.  The right vote will also accommodate those “newcomers” by providing their families with free education, healthcare and supplemental income at the expense of Americans who cannot find gainful employment.

A person who uses his position in a base and unworthy way for personal gain is a prostitute!

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