Who’s crying now?  Obama is wringing his former donors dry.  He has caused many to lose thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars through his three-and-a-half year tax and spend party.  Many have attended his lavish soirees on Wednesday nights at the White House.  Movie nights, concert nights, gourmet food assemblies have all been well reported.  Even the Protect Obama rags and stations have been forced to note the gatherings, even if only on the back pages or a light note late, late at night.

He’s played it to the hilt.  He’s invited and entertained the most note worthy.  Now he is begging for their dollars and they are not giving, at least not in bulk as before.  Even they have seen that their money, once it hits Washington, is not being spent wisely.

He declared last year that his campaign would raise a billion dollars.  He’s finding out that his star quality isn’t shining as bright.  Even though he bought rented friends on Wall Street, Big Industry and Big Entertainment with your tax dollars, the relationships only lasted until the money ran out.  Perhaps he has learned that his political cronies are all about give and take.  They will take as long as he gives, but there is no on-going love affair after the stolen joy ride runs out of gas.

Obama has vowed to send his armies of lawyers, IRS auditors, FBI and the DOJ to identify who is donating to his competitor’s campaign.  At the same time he refuses to release his donor list (even just the Americans).  Not even Congress can force him to do that because he lords Executive Privilege over them.  He has power and authority and he will use it against any enemy.  That is, of course, unless they are invading our county and pillaging our resources.  Those people could be authorized to vote for him in the coming months

Obama continues to take trips overseas to wrest campaign funds, ostensibly from Americans living abroad.  He does so at taxpayer expense under the cloak of visiting foreign dignitaries on his jaunts so the money is not drained from his lacking campaign fund.  Perhaps he is also fingering the few coins left in his peers’ pockets by promising he will have “more flexibility” after he is re-elected.

By all accounts available, Obama is outspending Romney.  Romney is currently rising in the major polls and is raising more money to spend later.  Obama is not happy with the reports.  Some people say that Obama has lost his support and is not able to raise the $1 billion dollars projected because of what he has done and shown over the past three plus years, but I know it’s Bush’s fault.

By the way, you can get your “Bush’s fault” T-shirt on Obama’s web site for only $149.95, plus tax of course.  The shirts are made in China because union demands on top of EPA EDA, Energy Dept., EEOC, DOL and OSHA regulations cause them to be too expensive to leave any money for the campaign.  The price would have to be in the neighborhood of $600.00. It’s kind of like solar panels and other green energy.

With the President off in one direction on Air Force One, (and army of Secret Service Agents) to embellish falsified and still failing job numbers for the American people, Michelle is in another part of the country or world doing the same.  Soon, they will take individual vacations and/or send the kids to a foreign land with 15 or 20 friends to bolster another economy at our expense.

The latest back-and-forth between the candidates shows Mitt and Ann on a jet ski over the recent holiday.  Obama has lambasted them for taking time off from campaigning to relax as a family during the celebration of our nation’s independence.  I’d like to say “Thank you, Mitt, for not making me pay for your leisure activities”.


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