Liberals; those who preach kindness, tolerance and acceptance of others that might be different from us are almost never so kind themselves.  It shows up repeatedly with the expression of different viewpoints.

Last week, Brad Pitt’s mom, Jane Pitt (we’ll call her Mrs. Pitt since Brad’s wife prefers not to be called Mrs. Pitt), wrote a letter to the editor of her local newspaper responding to a previous sentiment by a fellow Springfield, Missouri resident.  The original letter questioned how Christians could vote for Mitt Romney, a Mormon.

With acknowledgment of the differences between Mormonism and Christianity, she went on to say that he shared the Christian convictions regarding abortion and concerns about homosexuality.  She stated that, differences between religions aside, the shared morals and family values along with Romney’s business experience rise above those of Barack Obama warranting a reasoned consideration at the polls in November.

Expressing her 1st Amendment right of free speech is, to the left, blasphemy of the highest degree when it is not in accordance with the leftist agenda.  Newspapers nationwide picked up the Springfield News-Leader’s opinion column and ignited hatred from people who have never known her as an individual.  Articles by “neutral” journalists contort her words to excite readers with headlines and lead lines like:

“Brad Pitt’s mother pens anti-gay, anti-Obama letter to local newspaper”.  
“Brad Pitt’s mom unleashes anti-gay, anti-Obama fury in letter.”
One rag reported that Pitt actually “hates Obama, ‘gay’ people.”

Yes, newspapers also share the right of free speech.  However, like yelling FIRE in a crowded auditorium causes mayhem and panic, is it right to instigate violence or threats of violence?

Because she expressed a rebuttal opinion backed with facts, Mrs. Pitt is the recipient of vile name calling and death threats through tweets and other public comment.  Here are a few tweets as reported by Jack Minor of WND:

“Brad Pitt’s mom, die,” wrote one Twitter-poster.
“Brad Pitt’s mom wrote an anti-gay pro-Romney editorial. Kill the b—-.”
“F— you, brad pitt’s mom, the gay community made your kid a star, you whacko,” and, “Brad Pitt’s mom is a dumb c—.”

Oh, those kind, tolerant and accepting liberals.  They’re like terrorists-in-waiting.


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