During this tough campaign season there is a call for Mitt Romney to release tax returns for the past decade.  The din coming from the left and their media is all but deafening as the administration urges and energizes them.

The IRS has never questioned his filings – and they would be the first to do so.  The noise about taxes is for no purpose other than to turn the ignorant masses’ attention away from the fact that with all the spending done by Washington in the past three-and-a-half years, the country has not improved.  It has, in fact, deteriorated.  Some of the few jobs created through stimulus programs with annual salaries less than $40,000 cost the taxpayers over $200,000 each.  If I were an employer I would happily employ a bunch of people for a year to keep over $100,000 each.  Many of the jobs were also only temporary or were gubment gimmees.

All the while, we have a president who has spent upwards of three million dollars to seal virtually every document concerning his past.  He refuses to release his college records (grades or classes), scholarships or anything.  All are locked away from the eyes of the public.  His army of lawyers have seen to it that the reasons why both he and Michelle’s law licenses are on “inactive” status.  They have been long before they moved into the White House.  Rarely, very rarely, do politicians deactivate their licenses.  In fact, all members of congress who have passed the bar and are in good standing still hold their licenses.

The President’s place of birth is still in question because the birth certificate(s) that have been presented have been debunked as altered.  The Social Security number he is currently using was purportedly issued to a person with a mailing address in Connecticut.  Obama never lived in that state and refuses to identify why the card was sent to such an address.  There is much speculation regarding the possibility of other Social Security numbers having been used by Barry Soetoro, an alias used by Obama, and Barack Hussein Obama.

Liberal Democrats can’t really be bothered by the prospect that Mitt Romney may have cheated on his taxes 2, 3 or 5 years ago.  After all they accepted, and some even hailed, Timothy Geithner as the head of the Department of the Treasury even after he admitted that he didn’t pay the taxes due on some of his income or that of an employee, in spite of the fact that he withheld those taxes from his employee’s pay.

Democrats aren’t interested in seeking truth.  They’re not even interested in Romney’s taxes.  They are only interested in disrupting the system when things are not going their way.  They want to steal the brownie from your lunch when you look away.

I say, “Let’s have a full on document exchange”.


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