Apparently, when we voted Barack Hussein Obama into office we agreed with his desire for the fundamental change of America.  We pre-approved higher taxes for unnecessary bailouts and gifts to his friends and donors.  We wanted the federal government in control of major industries that had sustained America since her inception and we understood that we could no longer survive with nuclear weapons to deter our enemies or defend our freedoms.

We wanted electricity generating power plants operated on petroleum products to be eliminated and replaced by solar panels and wind mills that cannot be efficiently or economically produced in the United States.  We wanted to borrow over 40% of our national expenditures from countries with hostile intentions for the Untied States.  Obviously we wanted more uneducated people invading the country under the dark of night bringing with them insidious diseases, bountiful illicit drugs and dirty bomb components because there are also some among the illegal entrants who want to better their lives, if even on the backs of taxpaying citizens.

We agreed to build animosity, even hatred, among groups of people: gays against traditional relationships, atheists against Christians, people of color against people of other colors, liberals against conservatives and virtually every identifiable segment of society against their counter segment.  It must have been wrong for people of lesser means to accept those who have more.  We must despise them for having more.  While reviling them, it must be proper to ask the government to provide us with limited money and controlled entitlements because it is so much easier than working hard to earn more.

With all the change taking place it is necessary for the federal government to grow and strengthen its resolve to maintain control.  Washington must express its guiding ascendancy.  The divisiveness recently pronounced upon us is causing concern from the power elite of Washington, D.C.  (In the words of Rahm Emanuel, “A crisis is a terrible thing to waste”).  They, the elite, must prepare for a potential revolt against the progress being instituted for our collective betterment.

We, the ignorant masses, simply cannot understand that the change is beneficial to all in the long run and we may turn against them.  Thus, it is necessary for them to tighten controls of all weaponry in the hands of the proletarians.  To protect themselves while they force a diminished collective status upon us, they have begun a multi-step process.

1.      H.R. 645, National Emergency Centers Establishment Act provides for turning “closed” military bases into FEMA camps.  These bases allow for the feeding and housing of large numbers of individuals and families for lengthy periods (as necessary).  Surrounded by 12’ fences topped with concertina wire and overseen by armed guards in tall towers, they are professed to protect “disaster victims”.  Silently, they also fall under the jurisdiction of DHS for detaining violent protestors.

2.      Government registration of all personal firearms.  (They want to know where to go to collect them).

3.      Limit all ammunition purchases by individuals.  (The government wants to have the upper hand when you want to protect your rights and property.)

4.      Collect of all registered personal firearms and stored ammunition.  (Knowing that we are unarmed or at least have a minimal supply of ammunition, the government will be assured that getting us into one of the FEMA camps for our own safety will not be forcibly opposed.)

Various agencies of the government are gearing up for the uprising that the administration appears to be instigating from afar.  They are arming themselves to the hilt.  The Department of Homeland Security is training special Civilian National Security forces (We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set.  We’ve got to have a Civilian National Security Force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded as our military”.  Barack Obama July 2, 2008) and local police forces, because they are sure the sleeping idiots will awaken in the very near future.

In the past year, DHS has purchased or contracted to purchase 1,200,000,000 (one billion, two hundred million) rounds of ammunition.  Those purchases include 209,000 rounds of #00 buckshot 8-pellet bullets for 12 gauge shotguns (this ain’t for squirrel hunting, folks), more than 2 million rounds of .357 cal. and 450 million .40 cal. JHP (Jacketed Hollow Point) meant to inflict “maximum organ damage” (read: death) to living beings and 1.1 million rounds of .223 Cal. JHP for the same intent, but from a greater distance.

The ammunition purchased will be disbursed to various federal agencies.  For instance, the Department of Fish and Game officers apparently need to protect themselves against nasty poachers and unlicensed hunters and anglers.  Their recent supply request includes:  450,000 total projectiles in .380 cal, .38 cal, 9mm, .40 cal, .223 cal and 12 gauge.  (I suggest you don’t go fishing without a license this year.)  The IRS is arming and training over 16,000 field agents.

With all the purchasing of high power, maximum damage ammunition our Border Patrol agents, guardians of our national sovereignty, are reprimanded, suspended and fired for not using bean bags or rubber bullets as their first defense against the AK-47 wielding insurgents along our Southern Border.

By electing Barack Hussein Obama to the White House we voted to spend money we didn’t have on things we didn’t want or need; we chose to keep the owners of businesses, small and large, guessing about how much of their profits (should they make any) the federal government would usurp; we chose to have our rights revoked by Executive Orders; we chose to have protocols ignored; we chose to have American businesses over-regulated to the point that they could not sustain viability; we chose to pay the hostile OPEC conglomerate to provide petroleum when we could utilize the resources within our own boundaries, extracting them at a lower cost and employing tens of thousands of currently idle workers; we chose to have known and viable energy replaced by undeveloped and extremely costly alternatives.

Martial law is only one election away.  We must be informed and choose from information, not emotion, in the future.


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