For years we have heard that there is insufficient evidence of voter fraud to conduct an in-depth study or require identification when registering or voting.  Liberals and Progressives accuse Republicans of making the charges of fraud against organizations like ACORN.  Any mention of voter fraud in the mainstream media has been to chastise the evil conservatives for attempting to disenfranchise minority, poor, and elderly voters primarily from the inner cities.

Time and again Republican voter registrars and Attorneys General have struggled to bring cases to court only to be denied the opportunity by liberal judges professing to protect voting rights.  Three hundred definite and obvious cases in a city like Detroit are ruled insufficient to identify a clear or sustained pattern worthy of court time.  Even when the numbers approach 3%, 4%, or 5% of the registered voters for a geographic area, those proffering charges are scoffed by the media and liberal adjudicators.

No longer is it uncommon to have more votes counted in some precincts than the total number of legal voting age residents of the community.  Not always, but generally, this phenomena occurs with a higher turnout of Democrat over Republican voters.  Yet, this is considered an anomaly that has little influence over the local, county, state, or national election result.

The Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder, publicly demeans and dismisses any conservative group suggesting voter fraud has great enough to influence the outcome of any election.  However, when The RNC hired Strategic Allied Consulting to assist with voter registration in Colorado, Nevada, North Carolina, and Virginia notice was taken.

It seems a level playing field is only level when it’s tilted in favor of Democrats.  SAC, by paying their temporary employees to register Republican voters caused some enterprising individuals to over-extend their authority by filling in blank spaces on the form and a few actually filled some forms personally using fictitious names.  Instead of commending and defending the owner of SAC, as was the case when ACORN did the same for Democrats, the Republican National Committee fired the company.

When fraud is perpetrated followed by an (R) it is a prosecutable felony and is announced on all the Nightly Lies stations and reported by FOXNews.  The same encounter by a person or persons with a (D) association is an unavoidable mistake so there is no reason to inform the public.  Again, FOXNews and perhaps CNN are probably the places one could hear about it.

Voting is a serious issue.  The people registering voters should be vetted and held personally responsible for verifying the identity of registrants.  The same goes for those overseeing polling locations.  Voter I.D. does not disenfranchise, it empowers the responsible and eligible voters.


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