CSCOPE lesson plans must be banned from public schools.  They are subversive and dangerous to high ranking societies.

My last posting (THE TERRORISTS OF BOSTON) included a quick reference to CSCOPE and their books and lessons regarding the Boston Tea Party.  Further research found that they (CSCOPE) are involved in virtually every aspect of abstractly deforming our children’s minds.  It is one thing, a wrong thing, to teach kids that being gay is natural and normal.That is done to satisfy the progressive’s need to expand the realm of normalcy and distort reality so that virtually any behavior becomes acceptable.  A society not tethered by morals or ethics and subliminally trained to accept blindly what is proffered upon them is much more controllable by a strong central authority.

Another lesson of the progressives plot to change American history for future generations involves the very foundation of our government.  “The Legacies of Ancient Greece” includes a lesson plan fed to our pharmaceutically calmed students stating that our founding fathers modeled our democracy after that of Athens simply because the city of Athens drew up a constitution identifying how the government should run.  There is no apparent reference to the democratic republic currently governing our nation.

The Legacies of Ancient Greece also provides subtle references to the dominance of men in sports and theatre.  This is undoubtedly intended to project a parallel onto the forming minds of the next generation. Progressives choose to believe in our country today lacking balance, in all areas, that is only correctable by a large and powerful central government.

Though I cannot verify the fact, I believe in reviewing the publication that the illustrated book might be sponsored by a leading sportswear manufacturer and others.  At minimum, the illustrator’s pocket may have been lined with cash or merchandise.  Specifically, I refer to the section on the 26 mile footrace from Marathon to Athens and Nike (the Winged Goddess of Victory) announcing the defeat of the Persians.  The accompanying illustration shows a runner in modern garb including tank top, running shorts and running shoes, none of which existed in ancient Greece.

Again, without specifically stating, the entire book makes sub-threshold references leading the suggestive mind to progressive atonement.  With a liberal teacher (authority figure) leading the discussions referring to the above described lesson plan, a child can only conclude we should not be a democratic republic and must follow the democracy of Greece with an unchecked power base in Washington, D.C.

The final page of the book ends the lesson with the words, “Now that you are aware of them, you will see the legacies of the ancient Greeks cropping up all over the place!”  While the basic statement is true, the underlying theme to be cautious about is how the children were led to the dawning of their conclusions.

Please check out TESCC (aka TESCCC) and CSCOPE.  One site that I found interesting is

* This is the subject of a near future blog. 


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