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February 26, 2013

Texas takes the lead against tyranny and selective federal law enforcement.  According to a Texas House of Representatives press release, Rep. Steve Toth has filed legislation assisting the protection of the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.  Toth believes once you compromise one Constitutional right, all others can be in jeopardy.

If passed, the Firearm Protection Act (HB 1076) will stop Texas law enforcement officials from confiscating “assault weapons” and “high-capacity” magazines.  The ‘Firearm Protection Act’ would do the following:
• Supports and protects our local sheriffs and law enforcement officers working hard to protect Texan’s 2nd Amendment Rights
• Sends a clear message to Washington by supporting and protecting Texans from the Federal Administrations unconstitutional overreach
• Addresses local Texans concerns for their personal safety

I believe that, without so stating, Toth is flipping Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano the legal finger.  (If he’s not, he should be.)  Again, just my personal speculation, but I think he’s saying if they won’t allow states to uphold federal law regarding illegal immigration, then at least allow Texans the opportunity to protect themselves.  He is giving Texans the ability to resist the invasion of gangs and cartels carrying the AK-47s, AR-15s, and a multitude of machine pistols delivered to them with the blessing of Eric Holder.

Toth’s proposed bill would create a Class A misdemeanor for local law enforcement officers using the new federal gun regulations against citizens.

Now Eric, how do you feel about the Border Patrol and ICE not enforcing the immigration laws?  Perhaps now you’ll allow them to once again stop and question without jeopardizing their jobs.  Maybe they can quit waving hello to the “newcomers”. 

Can they once again do their jobs and uphold the oath taken to secure those jobs?  I, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter.



February 25, 2013

It has to be obvious even to those Americans living under rocks and bridges that President Obama cannot, and certainly will not, pick up one of his left-handed pens to sign a piece of legislation if it does not include raising revenue for the federal government.  To most of us, that means more tax and less spending power.  The chant heard from the west wing is Power to the Government!

His latest (perhaps not, I was asleep last night) attempt to suck dollars out of consumers’ pockets deals with the Keystone XL pipeline.  The President states that he is willing to look at the Keystone XL pipeline as a way to make the U.S. more energy independent.  However, in order to allow what some say could mean as many as 20,000 jobs for Americans with an average wage over $30.00/hr. there must be a, or some, tax(es).

Because Canada wants to take advantage of their potential to produce oil, President Obama has considered offering them the opportunity to do so by completing the Keystone XL pipeline in the United States.  The cost of the project would include a carbon tax, but not just on you and me.  The agreement is said to include a mandate that the Canadian government also collect such a tax from its citizens and forward a portion of that money to Washington D.C.  The details must still be worked out regarding the revenue split between the two countries.

WalMart is projecting a flattened sales curve due in large to the payroll tax increase recently instituted by the administration and Democrats in congress.  They didn’t actually increase the taxes again, they allowed the expiration of previous adjustments.  There will soon be even more costs imposed on the country through the Obamacare legislation.

The reduction in spendable income is most devastating to the working poor.  The impact lessens with the increase of disposable income.  Those on the government dole will, of course, not be affected because they don’t contribute to the income tax base and their ever increasing stipends and benefits will continue.

The proposal to raise the minimum wage to $9.00/hr. will, again, advantage the government more than anyone receiving the 20% increase.  While it may look good on the surface and make for a terrific sound bite, it will only harm businesses and low income individuals.  Here’s how:

• Raising the minimum wage will also increase the dollar amounts companies must contribute to the government (even without a percentage increase, the dollars will increase).  That extended increase has to be offset by increasing the cost of goods or services produced.  Consumers of those products or services must pay more and thus will have fewer dollars to spend elsewhere.

• The wage increase will not counterbalance rising prices on gasoline required to get to and from work, food (your taco, hamburger, or salad will cost a few pennies more), groceries, clothing, energy, etc.  Everything will be affected.

• Government “revenue” will increase only until enough more businesses shutter their doors producing fewer workers.  Fewer people working = more people receiving Welfare through the government from those with incomes above the poverty level.

• Government spending will continue to rise.

• Our elite leaders will then demand more money from the few remaining bank accounts as the cycle begins again.

Raising the minimum wage for unskilled jobs will put more people into poverty and hurt those of us who were once considered middle-class.  The rich, the millionaires and billionaires, will feel little effect regardless of how much is taken from them before they revolt.

Could this be the true urgency for gun control?  Send in the blind man.


February 24, 2013

I’m beginning to wonder if I’m an American.  Over the past couple of decades, I have heard the expression “the American people believe”, or “overwhelmingly the American people want”, or “Americans agree”, or some such statement.  I must say, more often than not, I don’t believe, want, or agree with what is being put forth, what is supposedly on my behalf, or what they say is for my benefit.

Friday, Joe Biden announced that the American people are completely on board with the administration’s proposed gun control policies.  Oh yeah, I guess this is another example of why I should question my patriotism.  I’m not “on board” either.

In his campaign for “common sense” gun control, Uncle Joe suggested that firing a double barrel shotgun into the air will protect you against an intruder.  Here’s an exact quote from the Vice President.

“Get a double-barreled shotgun.  Have the shells in the 12 gauge shotgun.  And I promise you — as I told my wife —  we live in an area that’s in the woods and somewhat secluded.”   I said, “Jill, if there’s ever a problem, just walk out on the balcony here, walk out and put that double-barrel shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house.  I promise you whoever is coming in is not going to.”  
” You don’t need an AR-15.  It’s harder to aim, it’s harder to use and in fact, you don’t need 30 rounds to protect yourself.  Buy a shotgun.  Buy a shotgun.”

(Typically talking faster than he thinks, Joe didn’t tell her where to “put that double-barrel shotgun” to save herself.)

Joe, perhaps this is the way you want to protect your wife.  Maybe this is the value you put on the lives of your loved ones.  Maybe you can avoid a horrendous fine, perhaps jail time and a criminal record, but the greatest majority of Americans can’t.  In most urban/suburban areas, and even in many rural residential settings, it is against the law to discharge a firearm – no matter what the reason or excuse given to the police or judge.  So, I’m not “on board” with that idea either.

Use your noggin’ Joe.  Consider that the bad guy(s) followed the strictest laws concerning ammunition capacity and only had a revolver, a six shooter if you will.  Your lovely wife would have expended her opportunity for defense over the balcony and probably ended up on her butt.  Meanwhile, the violator(s) could laughingly hold her hostage, perhaps rape her then pillage your home, with six lethal projectiles to spare.

Nope.  I don’t agree with, want, believe, long for, or desire most of the crap that the government tries to shove down my throat while telling others I asked for it.

SOTU 2013

February 13, 2013

Just a few observations of last night’s State of the Union address.  First, there were fewer instances of an expression crossing the President’s face like his previous addresses.  You know them.  The quizzical look of “Who put this crap on my Teleprompter?  I have to fire the guy who’s writing this stuff”.  He also seemingly lost the “I can’t believe the American public is stupid enough to believe any of this” eyebrow raise.  He is now quite comfortable in his own arrogance.

Perhaps he did fire that guy or, given that he has been re-elected, maybe he now actually believes that he American public is really stupid enough to believe the crap he slings throughout the congressional chamber annually.

That aside, he did share with us a few insights that should be of concern to anybody who cherishes freedom and liberty.

The first of which he offered was that he wants to begin the indoctrination of our children even earlier than it starts now.  If the government can start working on them between the diaper stage and the ability to form their own cognitive thoughts, then the government will own them forever.

Starting the process earlier, Big Brother can train them that:

1.  The State is good and parents are bad.  Parents should be spied upon for the State.

2.  Parents are only capable of supplying nourishment that is approved by Michelle.  Values or morals offered by parents must be shunned and any continued attempt by parents to express them must be reported to an authority figure.

3.  Parents may be too restrictive in their quest to raise a child.  Disciplining their offspring using corrective measures designated harsh by the State must be reported to the authority.

4.  Stealing is bad, except if money or items are taken from someone who has more than you do.  One must check with the State authority figure in advance to make sure the theft is not duplicated or the booty is not designated to enhance State revenue.

5.  Killing another human being is wrong if you use a tool that is capable of helping one resist an oppressive government.  If government has fully automatic small arms, you cannot.  If they have weapons capable of semi-automatic fire, you can have only limited ammunition capacity.  You must report anyone willing, wanting or capable of resisting tyranny to your local authority figure.

6.  Punishment for crimes not approved by the state will be handled by a liberal court system.  Your health and well-being will be of ultimate quality, including sex change operations if requested.  You will be detained in the most comfortable setting possible until you get your mind right.


He also talked about managing energy.  He projected how we will become energy independent through forced taxation with public monies going to currently inviable sources owned by his donors.  He spoke of wind, solar and non-renewable energy, lying about how much the production of crude petroleum has increased under his watch.  He used his most influencing words to take credit for not being able to reverse leases granted previous to his rule.

The President spent some time telling our enemies about the decimation of our military.  He announced how he will provide a more sporting atmosphere of fewer targets for Al Queda and Taliban members in Afghanistan.  He described draw-downs and timelines to let the enemy know when they can take over again and how we will retreat to indefensible levels beforehand.

He spoke of how we should accept and accommodate more uneducated, unskilled, minimum wage earning immigrants to take advantage of our generous entitlement programs; education, Welfare (with its myriad offshoot giveaways), Obamacare, etc.

Most importantly though, he told us once again how he is going to grow the economy and re-create a middle class by taking from the evil rich and giving to the chronic and slovenly lazy.

He advocated for a $9.00 per hour minimum wage to drive up the cost of all goods and services making it necessary for the indoctrinated but uneducated, unskilled poor to strike for higher wages.

He simply does not understand how business works.  He doesn’t know, or at best doesn’t care, that a higher minimum wage also means the employer also has to pay more in matching taxes and workman compensation.  Depending on the job title, workman comp can cost the employer as much as an additional 3%-90% of the wage.

Minimum wage should be entry-level and not meant to sustain a family.  That is why private education and higher education must be more affordable.  Education and work ethic will allow a person to rise beyond poverty, not greater government handouts.  Those will only keep people in a holding pattern, awaiting more.


We’re looking good folks, can’t wait until next year.