Okay liberals, you win.  You’ve managed to assuage your unfounded and unwarranted guilt by electing and re-electing a black man as president.  Once again, you’ve acted out of emotion and not intelligence.  You have made reparation for white Americans who once enslaved blacks in America.  And you have destroyed my country in doing so.

Your children may or may not grow up in one of the poverty stricken domains that you created by electing this man.  I hope not.  His certainly won’t.  His offspring will get the education you can only wish yours might get.  That is, unless you can afford $35,000+ per year to send them to private schools.  If so, I’m happy for you and proud of your accomplishments.  I will not vote to take your money and give it away to our foreign adversaries.  I wish you no ill.

You voted for his oratory, not his accomplishments.  He had none.  You listened to his voice and timbre but you failed to hear his words.  When he said he was going to “fundamentally change America”, you probably thought he meant Washington, D.C.  You were wrong.  From a man who idolizes Alinsky, who modeled his life after Marx, Stalin, and Mao, what could you expect?  The President garners more respect from Castro and the recently deceased Chavez than the leaders of free nations.  Other dictators cannot even respect his lack of command.  Even Karzi laughs at the man as he pockets the money he does not share with the rest of the Taliban.

Arming the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood with planes, tanks, and personal weapons to level the playing field against Israel, and U.S. troops should we choose to help them, was a bright move for sure.

You elected a community organizer, not a leader.  This man has spent his entire adulthood living off the government in one form or another.  From Pell grants to presidency, you have backed one of the most anti-Americans possible.  You put into office a man who has no respect for our country, its flag, or its people.

At a time when fiscal responsibility is imperative, all he can do is spend your earnings, your children’s and grandchildren’s potential income.  He lives a more lavish lifestyle than he ever would on his own earnings.  From day one of his residency, he has held weekly parties and concerts in our White House paying for the most costly cuisine and entertainment out of the pockets of the less able.  When most of us call for a pizza delivery, we call a local vendor.  When President Obama wants a pizza, he calls Chicago and has a pizza chef flown in for the evening at taxpayer expense.  His Chicago barber arrives in D.C. every other week to coiffe his curls.

The PPACA (aka Obamacare) is doomed to cripple the healthiest among us.  It is already causing doctors to leave the field of medicine and medical students to rethink their vocations.  Costs are already rising and expected to continue until and beyond full implementation.  Care levels and services will diminish while waiting times extend.

He hasn’t taken credit for anything since becoming President, and probably his entire life, other than the killing of Bin Laden.  And he had nothing physical to do with that.  In fact, it took him 16 hours to accede to the request from commanders to take out the terrorist.  He has blamed Bush, kiosks, Republicans, the Arab Spring, the FBI, the Secret Service, Mitt Romney, and virtually everyone and everything for his failures.

Benghazi…The man had to prepare for a flight to Las Vegas for a campaign stop after hearing about the attack on our consulate.  So he went to sleep while Americans were being tortured and slaughtered.  He couldn’t even order an air strike on the perpetrators.  It just wasn’t as important as being re-elected.

For weeks he and his minions proclaimed the attack was instigated by a video offending Islam and its followers.  He could not admit the truth because it would contradict his earlier lie that Al Queda was on the run after the killing of Bin Laden.  The leadership of Al Queda was not decimated!

He is driving the country into bankruptcy as part of his fundamental change.  When we needed reform in Washington, D.C., when we most needed a less intrusive and smaller government, he has expanded the size and scope of both.  He has restricted the opportunity to rebound from recession.

In the words of his close friend, confidante, and advisor, Rahm Emanuel, “A crisis is a terrible thing to waste“.  An uprising would allow President Obama to declare martial law, round up all dissenters to place them in FEMA camps, and retain the presidency until the crisis is over.  Then, you may have the opportunity to vote for him again.  Even before his first inauguration, Rep. Jose Serrano (D-NY) reintroduced, as he has done every other year since 1997, a bill to repeal the 22nd Amendment that limits the presidency to two terms.

Good job liberals!  You have been instrumental in changing America from freedom and prosperity into an over-regulated, state run semi-democracy.  A person, plant, animal, or country can only take so much beat down before total submission and/or death.  We’re close now.  Soon, we will be fundamentally changed.


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