I must admit, right up front, that I did not see or hear all of yesterday’s press conference.  I was watching CNN at the gym and only caught some of the questions and some of the answers between my own grunts and sighs.

However, the questions I did hear asked by members of the main stream media really amazed me.  A few of the administration’s lapdogs actually asked questions regarding Benghazi and the IRS auditing of conservative non-profits and overburdening conservative applicants with non-essential questions and paperwork.  I wrote about this practice back on February 29, 2012 with a posting titled VIOLENT UPRISING…HERE?

I don’t know if an MSNBC representative attended the public briefing.  I didn’t see anybody blow Carney a kiss or purse their lips, but CNN’s cameras may have turned away at that time, if anybody did.

Of course, Jay Carney’s non-answers to all questions were so oblique that some in the press corps actually had to rephrase and ask again.  They truly seemed interested in obtaining the answers.  They didn’t get any, but at least they seemed interested for once.  Jay, of course, would begin each time with an opening  like, I’ve already answered that, but I’ll try again.  He would then go into a disjointed and incomprehensible monologue avoiding the question while blaming Republicans for politicizing the issue.  The guy is good, really good, at this.

Why is it political to ask for the truth?  And, how can the truth be politicized?  At least he didn’t call anybody racist that I heard.

Perhaps some in the White House press corps are finally becoming aware that the “most transparent administration in history” has duped and used them for the past five years and that the ignorant American public actually want answers.

When I arrived home from my workout, I discovered that the White House, held a closed door “deep background” meeting with members of 14 news organizations before the public briefing.  Not all correspondents received the invitation, just fourteen.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how the journalists rework the misinformation they received in the meeting before the press conference. I hope, for their sakes, that the Ativan dosed water offered to the “deep background” privileged helps them massage, cull, reword, interpolate, and otherwise change any messages of truth the way the Benghazi facts turned into the White House talking points.  That way, the receptive general public will continue to think they know what’s going on and not get confused by reality.

BTW, for those amongst the ignorant public who missed the really important news from the major media hacks, Michael Jackson is still dead.


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