Here we go again.  Benghazi has key players in the White House scrambling under the rugs.  They want to make the whole debacle go away quietly.  Democrats in both the White House and on the investigative committee continue accusing Republicans of politicizing the failure to protect Americans abroad.  Almost everybody on the left, whether they do or do not care for their compatriots’ lives, willingly protect the very people they should condemn.  The proverbial buck stops with the highest ranking office assistant who can be reassigned to a lateral position with a mouth-shutting pay raise.

“What difference, at this point, does it make?”  The words and gestures of Hillary Clinton, in January of this year, during her recalcitrant participation in the investigation have become so famous that they can even be seen on ABC.  They’re defended, but none-the-less they are aired.  The administration managed to hide and deflect for four months, after which Benghazi was supposed to be “old news” and unworthy of scrutiny.

It is all a pattern of politics that is particularly well played by this administration. “Get this crap off of me.  Come here and change shirts with me, then go home and burn this shirt.  You can take the rest of the day off.  Here are a couple of tickets to the ball game tonight.  And remember, you never even saw me today.”

So to cause the ignorant masses to turn their collective heads, we now have the IRS/conservative NPO scandal.  How convenient!  In spite it having been known for over two years, it is now news and the media is willing to run with it.  The diversion, saved for just such an occasion is now put to use.  They’ve taken a bad situation and exploited it to take the attention away from a worse situation.  The media gives the second scandal all the attention and soon the lives of four Americans, flagrant lies, and cover-up fall to the wayside.

Again, for those who have not yet heard it, I use the example of the school yard bully saying, “Hey, look over there”.  There’s nothing to see, but when you turn back both the bully and the triple chocolate brownie mom made are gone.

So, which clerk will find them self inspecting the bus undercarriage now?  It started with some doofer in Cleveland who somehow had access to records from Tea Party and other Patriot groups across the nation.  That didn’t work out well and now the fingers begin pointing up the agency food chain.

Remember the DHS directive paper that lumped returning veterans, pro second amendment, anti abortion, anti illegal immigration, or pro smaller government (or more than one or all of the above)  with white supremacists and domestic terrorists.  Virtually anybody who might disagree with the socialist leaning policies of this administration is the enemy.  Not so much Islamic extremists, just national patriots should be watched closely.

How many of us will accept and excuse this faux pas blamed on some low-level operative of the most powerful asset the government has against the people?  How many people actually heard about or paid any attention to the testimony given last Wednesday?  How many loyal Democrats even care a whit about anything other than their SNAP card and Obamaphone?


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4 Responses to “LOOK, OVER THERE…AGAIN”

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