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October 28, 2013

Over the years, I have reserved judgment regarding the likes of Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, Wikileaks and Edward Snowden.  Listening to the continued din of whistleblower, patriot or traitor without full knowledge of all facts causes confusion.  Of course, if I were to only listen to one source for my information, my mind would be effortlessly made up for me.

I continue to question whether any judgment, should be pro or con even at this time.  However, I am leaning toward more information about world governments and the actions of shadow governments, including our own.  Our government usurps all available information about We the People.  Shouldn’t we know a bit more about an entity we are presupposed to support?

How easy it is to dismiss the other side of the “truth” when told by someone dismissed from a job or duty under questionable circumstances.  Snowden is a viewed as a patriot by many for revealing the atrocities perpetrated by the government under the ruse of National Security.  Listening to the government spin doctors, however, he is a traitor for telling the American public how our government sneaks around and uses our tax dollars against us.

The purging of top military commanders, Admirals and Generals, the release of top officials of the Pentagon give a face to fundamental change. Releasing from duty the most knowledgeable and experienced leaders of troops and strategic planning to advance or appoint personal friends and like-minded ideologue minions to positions of authority should be a concern to every thinking American.

When those physically displaced and verbally debased people speak their side, the administration refers to them as disgruntled former employees.  Accepting the word of authority is easier for the adoring and ignorant public when told the dismissed personnel metaphorically spit into an order of fries before serving them.

A few talebearers do come forward with a second story side, though.  Perhaps only a few do because of the massive data compilation commandeered by the very NSA that got Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning on the outs with the government.  Distortion occurs in “news” to bring attention to a particular cause or agenda.  Not expecting the same perversion of personal information secretly garnered is foolish.  It doesn’t matter if you did something wrong.  Anything you’ve ever done can be twisted to seem wrong when and if necessary.

The President and Vice President identified SEAL Team 6 as the executors of the Bin Laden raid and that action led to the later downing of team members on another mission.  The heads of state then created their own accolades and the fawning media expounded on that rather than seeking and exposing the truth about 22 dead SEALS and 8 dead support members.

Influencing the ignorant is easier than dominating the stupid.

And, for those of you unable to keep up with the really, really important news, Michael Jackson is still dead.


October 18, 2013

To the subscribers of this blog and to all my regular readers, I apologize for the lengthy recess.  Over the past few years, the insanity of the left and the unwitting, thus willing, compliance of the ill informed have increased in both voracity and frequency.  Of the past five years, the promised fundamental changes occur so rapidly that I find writing fast enough to keep up with it impossible.  Every time I start an essay, something even crazier occurs that draws my attention.  Many potential postings are filed away unfinished.

We the People are complacently relinquishing our rights and freedoms faster than anyone cares to be aware.  The reason for this blog is that I’m personally concerned and believe all thinking citizens of the United States of America should be informed.  Do with the information as you please, but be informed.

Today I received the following link from Brasscheck.  It describes where we were, where we are, and our heading as a nation unless reasoned minds take control.  At over an hour and a half, it is lengthy.  I suggest that you watch and / or listen to the first 10 minutes.  The beginning provides a synopsis of the documented remainder.  You may want to “eat the elephant”, listening in small bites to the rest as your time permits.  It is well worth it.