To the subscribers of this blog and to all my regular readers, I apologize for the lengthy recess.  Over the past few years, the insanity of the left and the unwitting, thus willing, compliance of the ill informed have increased in both voracity and frequency.  Of the past five years, the promised fundamental changes occur so rapidly that I find writing fast enough to keep up with it impossible.  Every time I start an essay, something even crazier occurs that draws my attention.  Many potential postings are filed away unfinished.

We the People are complacently relinquishing our rights and freedoms faster than anyone cares to be aware.  The reason for this blog is that I’m personally concerned and believe all thinking citizens of the United States of America should be informed.  Do with the information as you please, but be informed.

Today I received the following link from Brasscheck.  It describes where we were, where we are, and our heading as a nation unless reasoned minds take control.  At over an hour and a half, it is lengthy.  I suggest that you watch and / or listen to the first 10 minutes.  The beginning provides a synopsis of the documented remainder.  You may want to “eat the elephant”, listening in small bites to the rest as your time permits.  It is well worth it.


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