Obamacare comes with sixteen thousand new IRS agents with arrest authority, some of whom carry weapons. DHS recently purchased and contracted to buy billions of rounds of JHP ammunition (projectiles designed specifically to inflict maximum damage to flesh and bone) in various calibers, riot guns (short barreled shotguns), and thousands of armored vehicles.  FEMA readies “disaster relief centers” with 12’ fences topped with barbed and concertina wire that make the Guantanamo Bay detention camp look like Disneyland.  Local and state police agencies buy MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicles for city use.

Now union leaders want to arm TSA agents with handcuffs and guns.  TSA agents already believe their badges and titles that include agent offer sufficient authority to harass and detain people at will.  With guns and handcuffs, they can leave a permanent arrest scar on an otherwise impeccable resume.

I continue to run into ignorant liberals who attempt to defend their fear of guns by saying things like “You don’t need an AK-47 for hunting” or “The second amendment refers to a well regulated militia, not personal gun ownership”.  They have obviously not thought of tyranny.  I have.

While both arguments prove true to certain extents, they miss the point of personal gun ownership completely.  First, while it is true that semi-automatic weapons such as AK-47s and AR-15s are often not required for hunting, they do work well against armed assailants with ill intent.  Confiscating all of these protective weapons is a first step toward domination.  Second, you cannot have a well regulated militia capable of resisting a tyrannical government if the citizenry is not armed.  Therein is the reason for disarming American citizens.

This administration shreds the constitution with virtually every executive edict, invocation of Executive Privilege and declaration of Fifth Amendment rights when asked for testimony before a congressional committee.  The President presides over the firing of the military’s top commanders who question the voracity with which his administration debases unit cohesion and effectiveness with untenable rules of engagement that turn our troops into targets.  It’s almost as if our President and his appointees are preparing for a citizen uprising.  Certainly, their every move is provocative of such.

By arming U. S. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife officers with jacketed hollow-point ammunition, one has to question why they feel the need to take down a 14” brookie with a 9mm expander.  There is no need to use a .223 cal semi-automatic rifle to stop an advancing beaver, but Game wardens and Park Rangers now have them.

The cursory vetting of TSA agents is less than the scrutiny they put a typical business traveler through at the boarding gate. The American Federation of Government Employees now wants them armed and arrest happy.  Perhaps soon, every government clerk will carry a taxpayer-paid government issued sidearm, but yours will be confiscated.

Sometimes you have to look at what is, not just what you want to see. Reason for concern?  You betchum, Red Ryder!


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