Psychopaths are not the ones who take an automatic weapon into a shopping mall or grade school to kill hoards of people. Some of these killers are psychopathic but most psychopaths are devious and enjoy harming others in different, often indirect, ways. Purposefully creating catastrophic situations for which only they have a solution might be a display of this aberration. Sometimes the intentionally created casualty goes unrecognized for some time.

Psychopaths lack empathy and white collar psychopaths are especially hard to identify because, while not particularly empathetic, they do not display the attributes we associate with crazy people. They just don’t seem to care, but they do not necessarily display craziness.

Some of the symptoms of psychopathy are pathological lying, arrogance, narcissism, irresponsible behavior, lack of remorse or guilt, a sense of entitlement, dominance and desire to control others, superficial in words and actions, extreme egocentricity and failure to learn from experience. Psychopaths may also show amoral or antisocial behavior when away from social settings.

When I learned this I shuddered with the recognition that this is the ultimate description of our president.


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