Here comes the EPA once again. This time they want to intrude on your daily life and winter comfort by restricting the emissions of wood stoves. Since they, the bumbling bureaucratic governmental air quality authority agency, haven’t yet identified a way to mandate the growth of clean burning forests, they have taken to mandating that stove manufacturers comply with economically unattainable emission standards for their products. The standards imposed last month, immediately ban the sale of approximately 80% of the stoves in current production.

In listening to the tree hugging environmental lobbyists, the government is willing to put thousands more people out of work and into the unemployment lines. The poor of the nation can just shiver against the cold and perhaps pick up another blanket from the Salvation Army. They can no longer use coal burning furnaces…too dirty. They can no longer afford heating oil thanks to the EPA and Obama…non-renewable. Thus, a blanket must be the appropriate solution to protect them from sub-zero temperatures.

The very same environmentalists fight against thinning forests and providing emergency roads to prevent and fight wild fires. The annual wild fires of the western U.S. produce more emissions than all the wood heated homes of the nation do in any eight to ten year period even with the extreme cold of the past couple of years. That irony is lost on the blinkered atmosphere saviors, though. Can they not understand that wood is a renewable energy source? Are they incapable of recognizing wood as one of the bio-fuels they so adamantly promote?

Let us continue to vote for a larger and more powerful and more intrusive government until there are no rights, liberties or comforts left for We the People.


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