California is experiencing another year of extreme drought. The recent rains will in no way alleviate the situation. In fact, because of the fires of the recent couple of years, the much needed rain that has fallen only complicates the situation with massive flooding and erosion.

It will, however, help unabated weeds grow on state and federal land. Then, when the arid Santa Ana winds blow across the mountains in July and August, fires will have plenty of fuel to exhaust rescue services for homeowners and animals alike.

Even Governor Moonbeam cannot appropriate and redistribute more water to make the situation better (or worse, depending on your point of view). He can’t print more H2O to make life easier for his friends, relatives and donors as our president does with our currency.

Well, that’s not quite true either. He, Brown, has asked that all residents (at least those who understand English) to cut back on usage so that CalTrans and local municipalities can continue watering the freeway landscaping and roadway medians in the occasional rain.


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