Middle class? We don’t need no stinking middle class!

This administration will do anything to continue the rape of the American public through Obamacare and other means. Obamacare is so costly to the average citizen that it is unaffordable, thus requiring reduced funding to the military, Medicare, etc. Additionally, there are now fewer tax deductions and higher thresholds for tens of millions of middle wage earners and below. Remember, Obamacare is mishandled by the same law defiant, politically driven IRS that uses intimidation to advance the goals of the White House.

It is becoming more and more clear that the goal is to eliminate the middle class.


My suggestion, for what it’s worth, is that all workers declare as many dependents as possible throughout the year. (After all, we’re collectively supporting millions of illegal aliens.) That way less tax will be overpaid and available for confiscation at the end of the year in case your great-great grandfather failed to pay retribution to slaves of the plantation adjacent to his.


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