There is a tremendous drug dependency among today’s society, particularly in America. Illicit drugs are only a small part of the problem. Pay attention to the TV commercials for pharmaceuticals and their side effects. Thinking people have to question the benefit vs. potential danger.

Take PROBLEMCURE if you experience a troublesome hangnail.
Notify your doctor immediately if blurred vision results due to the growth of a third eye while using PROBLEMCURE. Some patients may experience debilitating headaches, failed kidneys, heart palpitations, excess bleeding, open wounds and flowing puss modules around the neck area, diarrhea, dizziness and fainting or excess tardiness. Your doctor will have another or many more pharmaceutical(s) to allay the symptoms of ailments caused by PROBLEMCURE.
If the hangnail persists, contact your orthopedic surgeon for possible removal of the irritated appendage. Caution: do not use nail clippers or cuticle scissors to remove the malady.

You may wonder why so many high school kids commit suicide. Perhaps the post combat death toll among our returning heroes is troublesome to you. Some are given medication to keep them in the field. PTSD diagnosis among them is higher than ever. The treatment, in large part, consists of psychotropic drugs.

Life is full of ups and downs. Drugs are the easy way out of depression, ADHD, sleeplessness, etc. Doctors can clear a waiting room in minutes by writing a prescription for the patient to fill. Carefully monitoring patients for potential erratic behavioral changes as the body acclimates to them often does not occur. Not taking the drugs after the body does change to accommodate the foreign substance can be deadly for the patient and others. Nature and reason used to get us through tough times, now it’s done with pills.

Mass murders often occur when the perpetrator is on prescribed medication or when they stop using neuro-manipulating alternative substances, many of which were never necessary, anyway.

The answers might be found in the first six minutes of the following video. For an enhanced education regarding the societal mind management that has taken place over the past thirty or forty years, watch the entire 95 minute presentation.

Following is a video link presented by Brasscheck TV.


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