Until the day he got drunk and ran over four children in a cross walk near an elementary school, Dan Jacob was an exemplary driver. At that moment, he became a criminal and the past driving record offers no offset. Dan will forever be a criminal.

The day that Sean O’Connell killed the bank security guard during a robbery became the first time he ever shot a man. Sean also became a criminal at that time and abiding by the law to that point has no bearing on the death caused by his actions.

Up until the day Theresa intentionally drowned her ten month old baby because he was crying, she showed nothing but love for her fellow humans. This gross disregard for life outweighs giving her neighbors cookies with smiley faces.

According to National Security Adviser Susan Rice, Bowe Bergdahl “served his country with honor and distinction.”

Yes Susan, he did volunteer to join the military. He did volunteer to go to combat in the name of this country. However, when Bowe Bergdahl voluntarily walked off his base seeking consolation from, and perhaps even offering collaboration to members of the enemy, he effectively jeopardized the lives and well-being of every fellow soldier stationed at his outpost. Some died on his behalf. Bergdahl renounced his commitment to serve his nation. There was no honor to the act and his distinction immediately became deserter.

Moreover, this is the same spokesperson for an administration that wants to hang Edward Snowden for…TELLING THE TRUTH!

What a person did or did not do yesterday, were yesterday’s dealings. When a person engages in a crime or is a participant in harm to others, they are liable. Swift and just punishment for that crime is the only appropriate resolution. He or she wears the garb of the most recent inappropriate act.

But then, if you stall long enough I guess you can use the words of Hillary Clinton, “what difference, at this point, does it make”? That is, unless you do something that is contrary to the puppeteer of Barack Obama and his house of loonies.

At least she didn’t paraphrase NSC Spokesman Tommy Vietor with, “Dude, that was like five years ago”.

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