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July 30, 2014

Obamacare is just one massive way to justify raising taxes on, and ultimately, eliminating the middle class. Specifically designed to hurt not help, Obamacare even imposes taxes (2.3% on all medical related supplies, devices and equipment whether used by physicians, veterinarians or consumers), restrictions, regulations and mandates on doctors, medical facilities, medical implement manufacturers, individuals and small businesses that are struggling to survive.

Obama has appointed progressive Marxist/socialists and Muslim Brotherhood elite to his cabinet and has given others controlling authority over various departments and agencies.  Together they have stalled the economy and repressed the country.

1. The higher cost of mandated health insurance eating their profits and undermining their viability is causing employers to cut many full time workers’ hours.
2. Vaguely written and over enforced, costly and often unnecessary regulations by the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, Environmental Protection Agency, Internal Revenue Service, Homeland Security and others often conflict amongst themselves. Lawyers and compliance specialists add another level of cost for employers, large and small, just to continue business.
3. Disregarding laws designed to protect and benefit American workers, e.g. defacto amnesty, burdens the already strained economy and workforce. Despite the massaged and manipulated representations, our true current unemployment rate stands at 37.2% ( 7-29-14) among citizens and legal residents.
4. Not enforcing federal immigration and employment laws keeps potential American workers idle as undocumented immigrants receive the available remuneration for menial tasks.
5. Closing the White House, parks and museums with the goal in mind to hurt and infuriate the taxpayers during a fiscal cutback. The World War II monument received grand attention, but was certainly not the only attack on American service members and veterans.
6. This administration uses the NSA, CIA, FBI, IRS, and others more extensively for data collection regarding key persons around the globe. It has expanded the scope of the Patriot Act to include privacy intrusion on virtually every American under the false flag of National Security. The authorities often unlawfully use the gathered information against political foes and those objecting to the administration’s policies allowing them to unlawfully gather it.
7. Refusing to cooperate with congressional oversight committee investigations, ignoring subpoenas and outright lying to overseers.
8. Using the IRS to squelch the ability of political opponents to raise funds and present viable campaigns then blaming the intrusions on low-level clerks.
9. “Retiring” top ranking military officers who still believe in American exceptionalism and replacing them with junior and less experienced ideologues.
10. Arming virtually every federal agency and department with military weapons, ammunition and vehicles as well as supplying local law enforcement agencies with similar vehicles and armament.

President Obama and his anarchist cabal now allow the few remaining American tax payers to subsidize funding for MS-13 gang members and drug cartel members once they have infiltrated our welcoming border. And, we just don’t know how many radical Islamists accompany them on their northward journey. At the same time, we continue to send money to adversaries around the globe with which they train militants to hate us.

These actions most definitely identify the Marxist strategies outlined by the Cloward and Piven. If allowed to continue, the once USA (United States of America) will soon be know as the UTS (Union of Tyrant and Subjects).

I want my country back!


July 29, 2014

I believe that more and more people, especially liberals, are coming to understand exactly what fundamental change represents. With their enhanced awareness, they like it less.

Some misguided conservatives still believe that Obama is either inept or naïve. However, he is following the plan ingrained in him from childhood, from his father and Frank Marshall Davis, to the America-hating anarchists and professors that enraptured him as he reached adulthood.

It became known the “Cloward-Piven Strategy” after former Columbia sociology professors Richard Cloward and his wife Frances Fox Piven. From their jurisdictions as information disseminators at Columbia University, the two brainwashed their mush-minded students on how to destroy America and our capitalist system by inflating the welfare rolls to, and beyond, the point of economic collapse. Cloward and Piven expanded the ideologies of Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky by training their charges to use the government against itself. The plan included placing committed anarchists in positions of accepted authority. Perhaps even the presidency? Education and government became the desired placements for direct changes to public thinking and policy acceptance.

With anarchists in place, the socialist government roll could then take over by nationalizing a large portion of the country’s private institutions, tax and regulate businesses out of viability and deluge the system with malignant spending. Entitlements and massive debt would bring Americans to beg the very entity creating their disastrous environ to save them.

Over the past few years we have seen useless “bailouts” of companies inevitably destined to fail and those returning no benefit to the taxpayers despite an influx of tax dollars. Bailouts are a way of spreading the wealth from the working class to the wealthy and influential.

We now see the administration welcoming needy families and abandoned children that require more taxpayer assistance while there is a labor participation rate of only 62.8% among our citizens and legal residents. The non-English speaking children alone, place extra burdens on our already stressed and failing education system.

Replacing the middle class with a large segment of society for whom a life of work is an abstraction also contributes to centralizing and strengthening the authority of a central government. The Welfare system of the U.S. provides a better life than much of the working world. While others grovel for sustenance, the American poor receive free cell phones and service. Ever increasing and extended Welfare and unemployment benefits allow the opportunity to live a complacent and idle life for far too many.

Obama will fight until the end of his term or his final breath, whichever comes last, to continue spending more than the government receives, cause as much economic and social chaos as possible, abate our military and industrial superiority and anything else possible to diminish America’s global stature.

Please vote more wisely in the future. America cannot survive under these terms.


July 14, 2014

According to an article by Justin Sink at The Hill, Eric Holder is still trying to separate the country along racial lines.

Holder’s boss, President Obama, uses race, economic status, gender, age, intelligence and or any other means to divide the country. Thus far in his presidency, Obama has pitted young against old, reasoned thought against ideologues, secularists against the religious, poor against rich, care-for-naughts against the responsible, women against men, Democrats against Republicans, ill against the healthy. He has caused the American public to pay for things they neither want or need so that those who want for free may need not want.

I thought, in 1986, that Ronald Reagan’s signing of the Immigration Reform and Control Act was going to be a clarion call for more people to enter the country without proper papers. Was I racist then? When he said, “A nation with no borders is not a nation” I asked what good the borders were if we gave respect to those who did not respect them. Was I racist then? The swarm began immediately and as time passed it became easier and easier for those choosing to skirt the immigration laws. This time Holder and Obama are showing the world that they care little for our sovereignty and our laws are applied when and where it is most convenient for the two of them. This is tyranny! Am I racist, or do I simply disagree with our Attorney General’s policies?

Holder told ABC. “You know, people talking about taking their country back. … There’s a certain racial component to this for some people. I don’t think this is the thing that is a main driver, but for some there’s a racial animus.” Yes Eric, and both of those people have been duly admonished. The rest of us simply don’t agree with your insane desire to destroy the country we love.

Holder said. “I think we are still a nation that is too afraid to confront racial issues,” rarely engaging “one another across the color line [to] talk about racial issues.” Hmm, could that be due to the fact that when you’re not blaming Bush for your ineptness you claim the person with a different opinion is racist?

The attorney general also pointed to Republican efforts to enact stricter voter ID laws in southern States as evidence that more needed to be done to protect minority rights. Republicans have maintained the efforts are designed to prevent voter fraud, while Democrats say instances of fraud are exceedingly rare, and far outpaced by the minority population that does not have identification that would be unable to vote. Perhaps if they are asked to produce proof of identity they may not be able to partake of government giveaways and entitlement programs that make and keep them dependent on Big Brother?

Holder called the laws “political efforts” designed to make it “more difficult” for “groups that are not supportive of those in power” to “have access to the ballot.” And just what is the excuse for those who support the party in power but still want you to uphold the law?

Holder said, “this notion that there is widespread in-person voter fraud is simply belied by the facts.”

This, too, might be true if you disregard the reports of certain districts with as much as 116% of the registered voters showing up at the polls and not one vote other than Democratic. It also might be true if you discount districts where poll watchers were forcibly removed from the area by Democratic operatives. Yes, if you consider the facts as you selectively enforce the nation’s laws, I guess voter fraud is belied by the facts.

Yes, I guess racial animus does exist when you ascribe racism to every opposing opinion. Even Harry Reid agrees with you. Harry’s remark about five white men neglected to account for Clarence Thomas. That is, unless he became white before voting on the Hobby Lobby case. Yeah, racial animus can be part of any debate!

JULY 4, 2014

July 4, 2014

On this day, July 4, we celebrate the independence of a nation known as the United States of America. The declaration of our sovereignty from British rule allowed the founders to move forward creating a tri-lateral government with each branch being independent of and equal in power to the others. Those three branches were and remain the Legislative branch (Congress), the Judiciary branch (Supreme Court) and the Executive branch (President and his cabinet).

As with any secure management system, it is simple for one person or a like-minded body to force control over a household, business or country. It is still possible, but far more difficult to do so when there is equable oversight by two such divisions. With the interjection of a third party, majority agreement without much discussion and reasoned thought entering that discussion becomes very difficult. The design is necessarily slow allowing reason, not individual ideology, to prevail.

This year, our president has boastfully taken it upon himself to override the Constitution with his pen and phone. He disdainfully rejects the tri-lateral government in favor of his unilateral actions. His actions, or in many cases his inactions, are breaking down the most powerful form of government in the world today. Congress is allowing it to happen by not restricting the purses from which he draws the ability.

In spite of the Barnum and Bailey style hearings (watch us perform, then we’ll move on in the middle of the night to dazzle others with a new show in a new location tomorrow), congress is in collusion with the power grab. We now have two branches of government effectively working in concert because congress refuses to take a strong role against the radical abuses of the White House.

It was Barack Obama who proclaimed most loudly that George W. Bush assumed too much power and control. Now he, President Obama, makes W. look like a timid dwarf when it comes to executive edicts against the will of the people.

If he doesn’t achieve it in the next two years, President Obama will certainly carve the path to a dictatorial government. He has prepared and armed all agencies within the federal government to quell forcefully any uprising of the people. He continues to provoke such an uprising.

Over the past three years, he has provided local law enforcement agencies with MRAP vehicles and other military heavy armament. He has changed the leadership of the military to accept, without question, any lawful and even unlawful orders from the White House. He has already fundamentally changed America.

There is only one more potential for celebration of independence under this regime. That potential, however, is rapidly being eroded by President Obama’s actions.

Enjoy today.