JULY 4, 2014

On this day, July 4, we celebrate the independence of a nation known as the United States of America. The declaration of our sovereignty from British rule allowed the founders to move forward creating a tri-lateral government with each branch being independent of and equal in power to the others. Those three branches were and remain the Legislative branch (Congress), the Judiciary branch (Supreme Court) and the Executive branch (President and his cabinet).

As with any secure management system, it is simple for one person or a like-minded body to force control over a household, business or country. It is still possible, but far more difficult to do so when there is equable oversight by two such divisions. With the interjection of a third party, majority agreement without much discussion and reasoned thought entering that discussion becomes very difficult. The design is necessarily slow allowing reason, not individual ideology, to prevail.

This year, our president has boastfully taken it upon himself to override the Constitution with his pen and phone. He disdainfully rejects the tri-lateral government in favor of his unilateral actions. His actions, or in many cases his inactions, are breaking down the most powerful form of government in the world today. Congress is allowing it to happen by not restricting the purses from which he draws the ability.

In spite of the Barnum and Bailey style hearings (watch us perform, then we’ll move on in the middle of the night to dazzle others with a new show in a new location tomorrow), congress is in collusion with the power grab. We now have two branches of government effectively working in concert because congress refuses to take a strong role against the radical abuses of the White House.

It was Barack Obama who proclaimed most loudly that George W. Bush assumed too much power and control. Now he, President Obama, makes W. look like a timid dwarf when it comes to executive edicts against the will of the people.

If he doesn’t achieve it in the next two years, President Obama will certainly carve the path to a dictatorial government. He has prepared and armed all agencies within the federal government to quell forcefully any uprising of the people. He continues to provoke such an uprising.

Over the past three years, he has provided local law enforcement agencies with MRAP vehicles and other military heavy armament. He has changed the leadership of the military to accept, without question, any lawful and even unlawful orders from the White House. He has already fundamentally changed America.

There is only one more potential for celebration of independence under this regime. That potential, however, is rapidly being eroded by President Obama’s actions.

Enjoy today.


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