I believe that more and more people, especially liberals, are coming to understand exactly what fundamental change represents. With their enhanced awareness, they like it less.

Some misguided conservatives still believe that Obama is either inept or naïve. However, he is following the plan ingrained in him from childhood, from his father and Frank Marshall Davis, to the America-hating anarchists and professors that enraptured him as he reached adulthood.

It became known the “Cloward-Piven Strategy” after former Columbia sociology professors Richard Cloward and his wife Frances Fox Piven. From their jurisdictions as information disseminators at Columbia University, the two brainwashed their mush-minded students on how to destroy America and our capitalist system by inflating the welfare rolls to, and beyond, the point of economic collapse. Cloward and Piven expanded the ideologies of Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky by training their charges to use the government against itself. The plan included placing committed anarchists in positions of accepted authority. Perhaps even the presidency? Education and government became the desired placements for direct changes to public thinking and policy acceptance.

With anarchists in place, the socialist government roll could then take over by nationalizing a large portion of the country’s private institutions, tax and regulate businesses out of viability and deluge the system with malignant spending. Entitlements and massive debt would bring Americans to beg the very entity creating their disastrous environ to save them.

Over the past few years we have seen useless “bailouts” of companies inevitably destined to fail and those returning no benefit to the taxpayers despite an influx of tax dollars. Bailouts are a way of spreading the wealth from the working class to the wealthy and influential.

We now see the administration welcoming needy families and abandoned children that require more taxpayer assistance while there is a labor participation rate of only 62.8% among our citizens and legal residents. The non-English speaking children alone, place extra burdens on our already stressed and failing education system.

Replacing the middle class with a large segment of society for whom a life of work is an abstraction also contributes to centralizing and strengthening the authority of a central government. The Welfare system of the U.S. provides a better life than much of the working world. While others grovel for sustenance, the American poor receive free cell phones and service. Ever increasing and extended Welfare and unemployment benefits allow the opportunity to live a complacent and idle life for far too many.

Obama will fight until the end of his term or his final breath, whichever comes last, to continue spending more than the government receives, cause as much economic and social chaos as possible, abate our military and industrial superiority and anything else possible to diminish America’s global stature.

Please vote more wisely in the future. America cannot survive under these terms.


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2 Responses to “THE CLOWARD / PIVEN PLAN – PART 1”

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