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August 31, 2014

I have been concerned about an ongoing Obama presidency since H.J. Res 5 was introduced to congress in 2009 by Rep. Jose Serrano (D). Rep. Serrano has introduced similar bills on about six occasions that I can find, dating back to the Clinton presidency. He has been adamant about repealing the 22nd amendment, showing little concern about the party in power at the time of introduction.

However, Rep. Serrano’s attempt in 2009 reinforced Obama’s Jim Jones cult-like following. The man had done nothing notable in either his civilian or public career at that point to warrant such an opportunity. He had not even achieved academic notoriety. There was no ration at that time for paving the way to an Oligarchy. Yes, I am aware that there were many attempts to do away with the 22nd Amendment prior and since. That one just happened to be the most worrisome to me and I believe it should have been for the country.

Virtually every federal agency now has a fleet of armored vehicles manned by an army of federal agents authorized to wield automatic rifles loaded with jacketed hollow point ammunition. That, combined with the poking and jabbing of this administration to cause rioting can only mean an attempt to declare Martial Law is imminent. They will nudge and prod until the American public has had enough of a purposely stalled economy, expensive yet often inaccessible health care, race baiting and destruction of everything worthy of holding dear.

The recent incident in Ferguson, Missouri is a prime example of the overuse of force and potential beyond what was used. There were countless photos and video shots of combat ready roof top snipers willing and awaiting command to shoot citizens incited to riot by race baiting public figures. Armored vehicles were staged around the city with assault teams anxious to brandish their power.

It might well have started with the election in 2008. No investigation ensued for two New Black Panther Party officials who blatantly intimidated voters in Philadelphia. Attorney General, Eric Holder, refused to investigate the incident. Since then, the President or the Atty. Gen. has weighed in on many racial and religious issues, always taking the side of blacks over whites and Muslims over Christians and Jews. Their arrogant manipulating of strained situations serves only to inflame racial and religious tensions across the nation.

The open border policy allowing the infiltration of unknown numbers of violent criminals, known gang members and even terrorists only reinforces my belief that this country is no longer the one in which I have grown and which I proudly served. It will take only one bomb explosion or one incident of mass poisoning or the release of one cloud of toxic gas for the president to declare Martial Law and extend his own power reign.

Expect the American discontentment to continue, increasing to rage, as the government authorities aggregate more power and impose more restrictions on our liberties. They will then, parse the words of the Constitution until every word’s meaning is supplanted, effectively eliminating the document.


August 29, 2014

Being a president is a tremendous burden. President Obama is plagued with decisions hourly; Profess the urgency of passing a $787 billion dollar Spending Stimulus Bill…and…go to Hawaii for vacation, follow up on the IRS scandal…or play golf, investigate Fast and Furious…or play golf or Benghazi…head to Vegas to raise funds. Most recently he has had to decide whether to put together a strategy to protect the people of Iraq and Syria and perhaps also the United States from ISIS…or raise funds. He chose fundraising.

It must be terrible to have to decide between raising money from fellow Marxists or playing a couple rounds of golf. This man is up to the task, though. He always chooses the best thing for him on any particular day. Today he’s raising money. He probably chose to bilk his comrades in Rhode Island and New York because he just came off a vacation where golf allowed him to shake the trauma of an American journalist beheaded by his Islamic jihadist pals overseas.


August 28, 2014

How can Californians shoot themselves in the foot while punching the ballot to take all firearms away from residents?

Not only are businesses scurrying to North Dakota, Idaho, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada and Arizona to escape the excess taxes and ridiculous regulations that make them less competitive, the rational citizens who are willing to work are following those jobs. Soon the entire state will be made up of illegal aliens with driver licenses but no insurance, Welfare and Medicaid recipients and the governing progressives who drove away all the productive people and businesses.

Governor “Moonbeam” is also driving the state further into the hole. Currently, according to the favorably massaged government figures, 11% of the state’s total population is drawing down on the state coffers. That means 9 people earning an income are supporting themselves, their families and collectively one other unknown individual.

EBT, Medicaid and Welfare assistance, with its myriad subordinate state entitlements, drawing from the state coffers contribute heavily to the annual deficit which continues to climb from 6%. Each resident, working or not, is responsible for $11K of the overspent and mismanaged funds. As the state’s $400 billion debt continues to grow, it provides the Democrat in Charge, an opportunity to raise taxes on the few remaining citizens still able to buy their own food.

I recently ran across an article in the LA Times that stated Governor Brown is only fanning the wildfire. He called America “the other Mexico” and welcomed all immigrants by stating that it didn’t matter if they had permission to be in the United States, they were welcome in California.

I guess he needs more bodies to fill the void left by businesses and families leaving the insanity.

Think of that! More children who cannot even speak or understand English bringing greater burden to the already failing school system. More unskilled and under-educated adults to pick the broccoli and oranges and fluff motel pillows and clean floors so that their American equivalents cannot even supplement their Welfare checks with those jobs. Need I mention, the financial burden imposed on drivers with insurance when more uninsured drivers are unleashed on the streets and highways in unsafe vehicles?

Of course, the “new residents” are allowed driver licenses without the normal proof of identity required of U.S. born citizens. Once obtained, that picture I.D. allows them to register to vote in any or all precinct(s) and vote as directed by the local ACORN affiliate.

I suppose the good news is that Governor Brown is expected to throw his hat into the ring for president in 2016. A Moonbeam presidency could only be a continuation of Obama’s goal to ultimately collapse the country, making way for a One World Caliphate.

Now you know why I recently left the state. Good bye, California


August 23, 2014

There have been a few stories making national headlines lately about restauranteurs offering discounts for religious patrons. Perhaps you’ve seen some of them.

North Carolina Diner Offers Customers 15 Percent Discount for ‘Praying in Public’

Taking a moment to pray, meditate or simply reflect on the value of your life saves you 15% on your meal at Mary’s Gourmet Restaurant in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Atheists Bully Arkansas Pizza Shop for Offering Discount to Churchgoers

Bring a bulletin from any church, synagogue, temple, mosque or other legitimate house of worship to Bailey’s Pizza in Searcy, Arkansas and a 10% discount will be applied to your tab.

Our tolerant friends at Freedom From Religion take offense at these discounts because they choose not to believe. They claim the discounts are discriminatory against atheists. The discounts might be discriminatory against stupid people in general, but not necessarily just atheists.

You see, even an atheist could sit down and lower their head or stare at the wall for a moment and receive a 15% discount at Mary’s. No employee will request a prayer transcript. And, there is no mandatory attendance at a house of worship to receive a discount at Bailey’s either. All one has to do is stop by the front door of a church and take a bulletin out of the display on their way to get a bite of pizza. If an atheist fears proximity to a church, he or she could ask a neighbor or friend for one, should they have a friend other than another atheist.

Really, for the truly unhappy and/or chemically depressed, there are other things that you can protest or bring to the overburdened courts. There are senior discounts everywhere that might be opposed by the young and ignorant. There are discounts available for military and veterans to which the weak and timid might object. Having a membership to an auto club might get you a bit better rate at a motel. Not having a towing service might be right for you, though.

Shoot! To stand up against the anti-gun lobby, Langtry Cafe in Brownsdale, Minnesota offers a two tier discount for gun owners every Thursday. Show them a CCW and you get 15% off your bill. Display a sidearm on your hip and receive a 25% reduction in your tab. If you don’t own a gun, that’s your choice.

Additionally, there are talented people who earn a living with their abilities. Singing, carpentry, painting, baking, computer programming, athletics all bring in handsome earnings. Perhaps suing a capable individual for doing well might be on someone’s bucket list.

Unhappy people will always try to bring others down to their level. However, these are the very people who shouldn’t be allowed the gun discount at the Langtry Cafe.


August 20, 2014

Here’s the way I see Merka bein run rite now. Ya got yur dum fokes like ya’ll and me at the bottom of the heap. We listen to the nuse at nite and take in the politiks what they tells us to. Then we vote like they said to on loco, state and fedral political guys and gals an ishoos. It’s kinda complicated, so I’ll write slow so most a ya’ll kin follow.

We voters be at the bottom a the heap. We voters vote to elect the votees who intern make all the desishuns that will make our lives better. For now, let’s jump right to the fedral gubmint cause the little guys are just in trainin for the big shot posishuns in Woshinton D.C. anyway. Gubmint is gubmint and its the same all the way frum bottom to top.

In Washington there are supposed to be three branches of government. Those three branches are the Legislative branch composed of two houses, the House of Representatives and the Senate. The Legislative branch writes laws to keep order and provide continuity and stability for the country. They are also charged with funding those laws and the enforcement thereof. The second branch, the Judiciary, is made up of nine supposedly nonpartisan and impartial judges who are appointed for as long as they choose to remain. The third branch, the Executive branch, consists of the President of the United States, his Vice President and a cabinet of officers selected to help the president with the duties of his office.

We used to have three, but now it seems there are only two and one of those no longer matters. Anyway, the three were supposed to have separate but equal voices to prevent any individual or totalitarian clique from taking unchecked control of the government. Somewhere around the beginning of the 21st century our system of government began to change rapidly. The Executive branch began wresting more power and thereby diminishing the other two.

Presently, we have a president who appears to believe that the United States of America is responsible for all the ills of the world and should be credited for none of the good. He also accepts no personal responsibility for any suffering he causes but readily takes credit for the positive others provide. It’s difikult fur sum of us ta unnerstand, but we voted for him cause the nuse told us to, so he muss be doin it rite.

What has evolved is a neutered congress, a judiciary that is stumbling to maintain respect for the Constitution and a president who believes that it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission, acting accordingly. He and his cabal believe that if congress won’t agree with his desires, he will wait for the opportune moment and act via Executive Order. If the Supreme Court doesn’t rule against him, he gets his way. If they do, it takes years to unwind the E.O. and he gets his way. It’s a lot like tyranny.

When he does get away with a coup, congress votes to fund the very thing they once voted against. The money is spent though it was never budgeted and revenues were never identified. E.g. Due to lack of sufficient revenue, our military heroes overseas get by on just two hot meals per day when privileged with the opportunity to stand down for a few hours at a base camp.

Meanwhile, the president asks congress for $3.7 billion. Without waiting for a congressional response to his request, he unilaterally and immediately authorizes spending to provide three hot meals, lodging, clothing, education, medical care, legal aid, stipend and other support to insurgents. Those insurgents/illegal aliens, have destroyed our southern parkland and ranches, sometimes killing livestock they encounter along the way, in order to partake of other benefits our citizens can no longer afford to enjoy.

Thats tadays lessin in Merkan Gubmint