Just as anybody with a modicum of intelligence knows, the Democrat Party is truly the racist party.  They keep calling others racist to keep the ignorant from looking at their actions. 

Yes, I recognize that he ran and won the position of mayor under the Republican flag.  That was necessary to gain support for the seat previously held by the term limited Rudy Giuliani.  One of Bloomberg’s major actions as Mayor of New York City was to change the term limit laws, thus allowing himself a third term.

Prior to the convenient party name change, Michael Bloomberg was, and still is a lifelong progressive Democrat at heart.  (With a net worth estimated at just a bit in excess of $34 billion, Bloomberg is just another “Dead Broke” Democrat).  He now claims to be a member of the Independent Party, showing that he has no loyalties other than to himself, another liberal progressive trait.

One, just one, blatant showing of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s racism is his adamant fight against black Milwaukee County Sheriff, David Clarke.  Bloomberg has dumped $150,000 of his own dead broke dollars into the coffers of Clarke’s primary opponent, Lt. Chris Moews.  Moews is white!  Therefore, Bloomberg is a white racist.  Both are running under the Democrat Party.

Clarke-pro personal safety and self defense.
Moews-anti-gun, victim creator who is soft on hard crime

The reason for Bloomberg’s support must be liberal racism!


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