Here’s the way I see Merka bein run rite now. Ya got yur dum fokes like ya’ll and me at the bottom of the heap. We listen to the nuse at nite and take in the politiks what they tells us to. Then we vote like they said to on loco, state and fedral political guys and gals an ishoos. It’s kinda complicated, so I’ll write slow so most a ya’ll kin follow.

We voters be at the bottom a the heap. We voters vote to elect the votees who intern make all the desishuns that will make our lives better. For now, let’s jump right to the fedral gubmint cause the little guys are just in trainin for the big shot posishuns in Woshinton D.C. anyway. Gubmint is gubmint and its the same all the way frum bottom to top.

In Washington there are supposed to be three branches of government. Those three branches are the Legislative branch composed of two houses, the House of Representatives and the Senate. The Legislative branch writes laws to keep order and provide continuity and stability for the country. They are also charged with funding those laws and the enforcement thereof. The second branch, the Judiciary, is made up of nine supposedly nonpartisan and impartial judges who are appointed for as long as they choose to remain. The third branch, the Executive branch, consists of the President of the United States, his Vice President and a cabinet of officers selected to help the president with the duties of his office.

We used to have three, but now it seems there are only two and one of those no longer matters. Anyway, the three were supposed to have separate but equal voices to prevent any individual or totalitarian clique from taking unchecked control of the government. Somewhere around the beginning of the 21st century our system of government began to change rapidly. The Executive branch began wresting more power and thereby diminishing the other two.

Presently, we have a president who appears to believe that the United States of America is responsible for all the ills of the world and should be credited for none of the good. He also accepts no personal responsibility for any suffering he causes but readily takes credit for the positive others provide. It’s difikult fur sum of us ta unnerstand, but we voted for him cause the nuse told us to, so he muss be doin it rite.

What has evolved is a neutered congress, a judiciary that is stumbling to maintain respect for the Constitution and a president who believes that it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission, acting accordingly. He and his cabal believe that if congress won’t agree with his desires, he will wait for the opportune moment and act via Executive Order. If the Supreme Court doesn’t rule against him, he gets his way. If they do, it takes years to unwind the E.O. and he gets his way. It’s a lot like tyranny.

When he does get away with a coup, congress votes to fund the very thing they once voted against. The money is spent though it was never budgeted and revenues were never identified. E.g. Due to lack of sufficient revenue, our military heroes overseas get by on just two hot meals per day when privileged with the opportunity to stand down for a few hours at a base camp.

Meanwhile, the president asks congress for $3.7 billion. Without waiting for a congressional response to his request, he unilaterally and immediately authorizes spending to provide three hot meals, lodging, clothing, education, medical care, legal aid, stipend and other support to insurgents. Those insurgents/illegal aliens, have destroyed our southern parkland and ranches, sometimes killing livestock they encounter along the way, in order to partake of other benefits our citizens can no longer afford to enjoy.

Thats tadays lessin in Merkan Gubmint


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