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August 12, 2014

Just as anybody with a modicum of intelligence knows, the Democrat Party is truly the racist party.  They keep calling others racist to keep the ignorant from looking at their actions. 

Yes, I recognize that he ran and won the position of mayor under the Republican flag.  That was necessary to gain support for the seat previously held by the term limited Rudy Giuliani.  One of Bloomberg’s major actions as Mayor of New York City was to change the term limit laws, thus allowing himself a third term.

Prior to the convenient party name change, Michael Bloomberg was, and still is a lifelong progressive Democrat at heart.  (With a net worth estimated at just a bit in excess of $34 billion, Bloomberg is just another “Dead Broke” Democrat).  He now claims to be a member of the Independent Party, showing that he has no loyalties other than to himself, another liberal progressive trait.

One, just one, blatant showing of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s racism is his adamant fight against black Milwaukee County Sheriff, David Clarke.  Bloomberg has dumped $150,000 of his own dead broke dollars into the coffers of Clarke’s primary opponent, Lt. Chris Moews.  Moews is white!  Therefore, Bloomberg is a white racist.  Both are running under the Democrat Party.

Clarke-pro personal safety and self defense.
Moews-anti-gun, victim creator who is soft on hard crime

The reason for Bloomberg’s support must be liberal racism!



August 10, 2014

In yet another photo op on the White House South Lawn, President Obama blamed Bush “intelligence estimates” for his lack of timely response to the deaths and devastation which he has allowed his brethren ISIS.

In January of this year, I’m sure he heard from one of his fawning media groupies that ISIS was on the march. He saw what was happening and refused, once again, to command action that would stop or at least slow the progress militarily. To cover his butt at that time he stated, “The analogy we use around here sometimes, and I think is accurate, is if a jayvee team puts on Lakers uniforms that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant.”

At no time has he accepted responsibility for purging literally hundreds of valued and experienced high ranking officers from all branches of the military to put his own pacifist minions in place.

Could this be a reason the current intelligence is inadequate? You’ll never hear it from him or Valerie Jarrett or Susan Rice or anybody he has placed in his inner circle of America hating subversives. However, even the blind Democrats (except for Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi) are beginning to rumble about who the jayvee team really is.


August 8, 2014

Border Patrol agents are frustrated because they are assigned territories to patrol and enforce immigration laws but are restricted by upper management from doing just that. Catch and release has become surrender and receive as children, adults and even gang members request lodging and subsistence payments from their new benefactors.

Local cops use increasingly more pugnatious tactics to subdue lawful citizens who question being insolently handled by them. Many police departments are now armed and outfitted with Humvees, armored personnel carriers (APCs), Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles, hand grenades, automatic and repeating 40mm grenade launchers, armor piercing small arms and large bore rounds, JHP small arms rounds, machine guns, anti-tank weapons and other weaponry and equipment designed and developed for military use. And they use it all, sometimes heedlessly and often without hesitation. They do so because they have it, not necessarily out of need.

From an article by Joseph Watson of

Seeking to file a complaint about the Helmetta Regional Animal Shelter, Steve Wronko visited the Helmetta Police Department to air his grievances about the shelter falling prey to nepotism and corruption as a result of Helmetta Mayor Nancy Martin appointing her son Brandon Metz to head up the facility.
“I’ve made objections about what’s going on at the shelter over there,” Wronko tells the police officer, adding, “My first and fourth amendment rights were violated, my civil rights were violated.”
“Obama just decimated the freakin’ Constitution, so I don’t give a damn. If he doesn’t follow the Constitution, we don’t have to,” responds the cop, brazenly violating the oath he swore to uphold the Constitution.

President Clinton caused a spike in oral sex among Junior High and middle school students after declaring that he and Monica had not had a “sexual relationship”. Following that logic, the current administration has unleashed a disregard for law enforcement upon the citizenry. Trafficking guns to drug cartels through Fast and Furious and the IRS targeting conservative NPO applicants are ignored by Eric Holder and his Justice Department as the President hides the truth from Congress and the world by declaring Executive Privilege. Gang members, drug cartel leaders and other miscreants flood into the country with impunity from the Department of Homeland Security.

Our leaders are leading us astray as we have, in just a few decades, become a country with lawless enforcement of discriminatory bounds.

I fear our Democratic Republic will soon be no more.


August 6, 2014

We know President Obama is all about redistribution. I, like many others, thought that the redistribution of wealth was his game. And, while it is, it is not the only thing he will distribute in the effort to eliminate the middle class and build the base of Democrat entitlement recipients on their way to voluntarily voting for a Marxist/Socialist society with or without their informed consent.

Though lately there has been some recognition and questioning by the media of the plots and schemes put forth by this administration, there is little follow-up or depth to that questioning. Additionally, the majority of the propaganda championing quasi-news organizations are unrelentingly promoting the CHANGE. Nightly newscasters continue to extoll the humanity side of this northward migration while neglecting the dismal reality of the lack inherent in the lack of immigration enforcement.

If one is paying attention, one will see that the distribution of illegal aliens from Central America and elsewhere is to overcome the conservative numbers in specific locations. Texas, Alaska, Arizona, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kentucky and West Virginia are among the states under siege by the federal government. Some purple and blue states also receive enhanced potential Democrat voters.

According to one PEW Research report, 91% of the “children” apprehended by or voluntarily surrendering to CBP in 2013 were teenagers. Since October 2013, that number dropped to 84% of soon-to-be-Democrat voters but many of them are now unaccompanied by responsible family members.  Using data obtained under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) the same report states that more and more adults are accompanying younger children and all are being allowed to remain.

Not all invaders come here for peaceful life resolutions. Illegal entrant gang members number 100,000 in Texas alone. Estimates for MS-13, just one of many violent gangs, range to over 15,000 members and associates in at least 115 different factions in 33 states. Savage gang numbers appear to be increasingly disproportionate to those of placid border jumpers.  However, the President, DHS, DOJ and DHHS seemingly make no distinction between the groups. They are all welcome to receive benefits and entitlements paid for by the few remaining workers of the country.

Also included in the hoards of illegal immigrants are increasing numbers of Other than Mexicans (OTMs) from China, Africa and former inhabitants of terrorist sponsoring countries of the Middle-East.  This unprecedented redistribution of people from around the globe into our social structure is posing health threats, deflating the American economy, making us less safe from both without and within while destroying the middle class.