Illegal Latino immigrants are becoming Americanized faster than many credit them. Activists have turned against Obama for putting politics before action on their cause. They seem blind to the fact that he always puts politics, or golf, before any serious action.

This time the illegal immigrant activists want Obama to act on their amnesty before the November elections. Obama, knowing that the American public is against his despotic edicts, doesn’t want his own party base amassed against him for losing even more congressional seats.

Just like their American counterparts who want the government to provide everything for their happiness, they can’t believe President Obama would leave them quaking in fear of deportation for another nine weeks until the election. They know that the only way they can expect deportation might be actually attempting to assassinate the weasel, but it’s a good excuse for a minor uprising.

Can you imagine robbing a bank and blaming a liberal judge for your incarceration because his docket is full…for another nine weeks? You robbed the bank, but you want to be exonerated now, without trial, because you don’t like being confined. And, your release from incarceration puts you at the front of the line for Welfare, transportation assistance, housing allowance…

The decision has already been made folks. You won’t be deported. You’re free to stay and partake of all the same government give-aways that taxpaying Americans get. The President just needs to play a few more rounds of golf, collect a bunch more campaign money and perhaps sneak in a short vacation before making the announcement.

After that, maybe he’ll have time to concentrate on the radical Islamic jihadists (ISIS) crossing the southern border with you.


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