Progressivism – The art of eroding all that is known as proper and back-filling the void with change for the sake of change. Political progressivism is, by logic, anarchism.

American progressives’ primary goal, stated or not, is to eliminate the Constitution that restricts the power and scope of the federal government. Progressive goals include removing states rights, personal rights, privileges, wealth and property replacing them with strong central government Utopian ideals. This is the plan which Obama follows.

His strong, often inappropriate and unnecessary, use of Executive Privilege, Executive Orders and presidential dictums indicate exactly what President Obama meant in 2008 when he said, “We are going to fundamentally change America.”

Because this proclamation came after his declaration, “It’s time to fundamentally change the way that we do business in Washington”, the enamored throngs tied the two believing he was simply rewording his earlier speech. And, in effect, the two were tied.

He is now doing business in Washington as any despot would. He is end-running congress at every opportunity.  His Secretaries and department heads constantly order their underlings to walk across the line of right and proper and his Attorney General selects cases to prosecute by political and racial motives only and not by law. All of these things undermine the intent of the founding fathers and the bounds of the Constitution.

Unless immediately contested in court, an Executive Order becomes precedent setting law upon which future cases are adjudicated. Obama depends on slow court action allowing him time to carry out transformations that take years for the courts to limit or reverse.

Beginning early in his second term, Obama began signing new, or amending existing, Executive Orders allowing the Executive Branch to take complete control over:

Transportation, including roadways and waterways and vehicles and vessels thereon – 10990
All of the nation’s communication media, public and private (Air waves, cell and Internet service) – 10995
Electrical power, natural gas, car fuel, petroleum, coal, and minerals – 10997
Every civilian, may order them to join a labor brigade or work under government supervision – 11000
Health, education, and welfare-related societal functions – 11001
Track all persons through a national registry operated by the Postmaster General – 11002
All airports and to commandeer all aircraft, private or commercial – 11003
Relocate every population of Americans according to the whims of the government – 11004
Take over all railroads, all inland waterways, and all public storage facilities – 11005
11311 gives the Justice Department authority to enforce all Executive Orders, institute industrial support, control all aliens in the country, operate all penal and correctional institutions and establish judicial and legislative liaison
All mechanisms of the production and distribution of energy, wages, salaries, credit, and the flow of currency in American financial institutions during a national emergency -11921
Executive Order 13524 allows INTERPOL to conduct law enforcement activities and enforce international law within the U.S. without regard for our Constitution.
Every means of communication, including radio, television, and internet, given an emergency situation, such as a war or a threat of war – 13618

These actions allow the intentional defiance of rights and powers granted to the states and citizens by the Constitution. They presuppose power for an autocratic government with a simple declaration of Martial Law.


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