According to a recent article seen on Yahoo News, over the past five years state and local police departments have lost or cannot identify the current location of 21 Pistols, 11 M-14 Rifles, 14 M-16 Rifles. 10 Shotguns and…4 Humvees. I can understand perhaps a magazine loaded with 9mm rounds missing, but how do you misplace a Humvee? The list is not complete by any means. It just includes what your local sheriff is willing to confess. Nobody yet has owned up to the loss of a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle, but we know the locals have them.

The audit does not preclude the police departments from future participation in the program.  They can still receive more for the asking.

These items are all part of the Pentagon’s disposition services. Under the 1033 Program, the Defense Logistics Agency (DIA) has transferred $5.1 billion in military hardware from the U.S. Army to local American law enforcement agencies since 1997. The 1033 program allows local police departments to obtain slightly used and sometimes unused military equipment at no charge.

For those on the left who know nothing about guns, but want to ban them all, M-14 and M-16 rifles are the true automatic rifles. Many call the AR-15 an assault rifle because it is semi-automatic, has a detachable magazine and does not have a traditional looking walnut stock. However, semi-automatic rifles will only release one projectile with one pull of the trigger. With assault weapons or fully automatic rifles, one pull of the trigger can release every bullet you have in the magazine.

The maximum automatic firing rate of the M-16, depending on the particular model modification, ranges between 600 and 950 rounds per minute. At the low end, that means someone firing the weapon on full automatic can expend an entire 30 round magazine in 3 seconds.

Included in the ongoing weaponization of government payroll recipients under the 1033 program are campus police. Among the former military weaponry that is to be handled by the non-military or academy trained campus forces is the Milkor MGL (multiple grenade launcher) like the one pictured below.


Yes, I realize that they can be used to fire tear gas and flash-bang grenades. This weapon goes well beyond crowd dispersing by discomfiture. They can also be loaded with high explosive, fragmentation, smoke and various chemical compounds. Two of these, loaded with HE rounds can cover a football field in the time it takes to breathe twice. Oh, I bet the old timers wish they had access to something like this at Kent State in 1968!

The people dispersing these military weapons and the “law enforcement” authorities receiving them are the same people demanding that you register every firearm you own and tell them if your neighbor is a hunter or spends time at a gun range. The data collection is necessary for an accurate record of what to look for when they batter your front door at 3am, toss in a flash-bang and shoot your 12-year-old Sheltie because she’s barking.

In the words of William DeVane, “WHAT’S IN YOUR SAFE?”


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