Be it through education, taxation, regulation or litigation, social justice provides a pathway for the Robin Hood mentality wealth transference. Unfortunately, social justice robs people of middle to upper-middle means individually and collectively but does not deprive the kings of their bounties. Social justice has an inverse effect on stability and equity that the architects refuse to publicly acknowledge.

Social justice is a fantasy ideology that will never be completely accomplished because the presumptive goals are unattainable. Coerced distribution for the purpose of equality must have enforcement and oversight. Instantly there is a chasm with controllers of the distribution on one side and those who are part of the distribution network on the other.

In education, using a bell curve to adjust grades can accomplish multiple objectives while introducing unplanned and unintended consequences. Grading on a curve has long been known as a way to raise the average grade for students. It makes the average student look above average. It takes the stigma out of sub-standard performance. At the same time, it raises the perception that the teacher is doing a good job of imparting information of value. However, the students receiving the somewhat elevated grades soon realize there is little need for more research, time spent problem solving or information analysis. The grade will be there, anyway.

For sports, social justice means no longer winning or losing. Being on the field is enough to win a trophy or get a date with a cheer leader. If you don’t play hard, you won’t risk injury and the rewards will be the same. After all, you don’t want to be a contributing factor to the humiliation of the opposing team. A tie is as good as a win, go for the tie.

As for financial well-being, if you’re born into poverty, there is little need to try to rise above. To reach middle class requires hard work and only produces an income that might be considered re-distributable. You lose the government entitlements. So unless you can earn enough to overcome the lost government benefits received for sitting on your butt and still be better off after the redistribution, why even try?

The Utopian theory of social justice does not “level any playing field”.  It actually raises one end of the field while lowering the other. It separates the people of any given population into two classes, a wealthy ruling class and a class working for subsistence. The “haves” will always have and the “have-naughts” will forever be wanting under this type of system. It starts at youth. At the earliest age possible children are trained to get by with mediocre effort (the bell curve). For the have-naughts, social justice begins by providing a sense of security.  It ends with adults in chains under total domination.  There is no bell curve to elevate low performance as deemed by the haves, or the wealthy governing class.

Unless otherwise muted, it is human nature to strive for self betterment. Social engineering for justice or fairness to all provides just enough to remove incentives for success. Social justice is a means of causing people to accept mediocrity and even failure as victory. Such complacency may be in the form of a pill to overcome depression or perceived depression. Government run healthcare might be the pharmacy those pills.


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