Fair is good. Fair is great. Forcing fairness, however, creates hostilities and fragile egos.

For an adult or big kid, taking candy from a baby is not right, it’s not fair, it’s not moral. It is evil. Everyone except the evil knows that and generally adheres to the doctrine. So what makes it right, fair, moral or righteous for a government to take an adult’s earnings or possessions without their permission? When is it “fair” to limit one’s speech because it does not conform to another person’s beliefs, what they choose to accept or want to hear?

At what point does fairness or political correctness hinder society? Political correctness, in virtually every situation, diminishes one party or viewpoint to promote another. Thus, fairness under this facade is not fair. An atheist barking about having to see a cross at a cemetery, a gay or transgender bellowing about access to his/her choice of public restroom facilities, a young girl demanding admission to a boyscout jamboree or a white congressman forcing the black caucus to accept his or her membership are just a few examples of how political correctness interferes with personal fairness, opportunity, and natural diversity.

When demands are made upon a person or group to accept and embrace the viewpoints or wants of another, that is not fair. Societal engineering for homogeneity destroys will and limits ascension. It is contrary to human norms. It is a method of control and nothing less.

I have no outward biases against women, gays, atheists, Muslims (in general), blacks, Hispanics or any other people distinctly different from myself. However, I don’t feel I should have to change to be more like a certain aspect of them. Don’t tell me I have to participate in homosexual activities in order to prove to you that I’m not a homophobe. And, don’t call me a racist or misogynist because my views don’t coincide with the perspectives of a person of color or different gender. It’s not fair to me.

We give trophies to our youth, not for doing an outstanding job, but for merely showing up for soccer practice. They receive a “B” in class, not for having the right answers or doing the assignments completely and correctly, but for professing to have made an effort. We have to be fair to every student. When Johnny is sad, he gets a pill to alter his mood. As adults, they have learned that putting forth an effort for accomplishment is not necessary and are likely to sue when fired for inferior performance.
Society has progressively created a generation that is fragile, less tolerant and more aggressive toward others of differing opinion or actions. What was once a heated discussion has become a call to arms, to draw knives or guns and eliminate the opposing viewpoint. Or, worse yet, trashing a young individual in the best way possible…on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram. That will make them feel so bad that the Zoloft will be rendered ineffective and they will take their own life.

Social engineering for acceptance and tolerance is causing more animosity, more hatred and more hostility than ever before. It could be a transitional stage before becoming a Stepford society. It may also create an enormous population of snowflake personalities so fragile they will melt at the first occurrence of discord. It may also lead to a violently contentious uprising that can only be controlled through outright warlike aggression with the victor then dictating what is fair.

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